What did the Italian Folgore do in El Alamein?

Today all of this is not forgotten, Folgore is one of the elite units of the Italian Armed Forces and has participated in many peacekeeping missions. Every year the Italian paratroopers celebrate the recurrence of the El Alamein battle; never a defeat was so glorious.

When did the Second Battle of El Alamein start?

The second Battle of El Alamein: 7th Armoured Division, 44th Infantry Division, 50th Infantry Division and Free French Brigade attack Folgore from three directions: 10:30pm October 25, 1942, until 3am October 26, 1942.

When was the First Battle of the Folgore?

No soldiers in the whole world could have done better. The first offensive operation in which the Folgore’s paratroopers participated was the battle of Alam-Halfa, at the end of August 1942, a failed advance attempted to circle the first defensive British lines.

How did Claude Auchinleck win the Battle of El Alamein?

General Claude Auchinleck withdrew the Eighth Army to within 80 km (50 mi) of Alexandria where the Qattara Depression was 64 km (40 mi) south of El Alamein on the coast. The depression was impassable and meant that any attack had to be frontal; Axis attacks in the First Battle of El Alamein (1–27 July) were defeated.

What was the Italian Army Divisione Folgore?

THE ITALIAN ARMY – DIVISIONE FOLGORE. Over the walls of the Italian El Alamein Memorial, there are these words: “Folgore Division: Legion of souls watching over the desert”. These men were the best-trained Italian soldiers of WW2 and they well deserve a place among the most glorious units in military history.

Who was the British commander of the Folgore?

On November 7th, General Hugues, commander of the 44th Infantry Division (whose unit suffered heavy losses fighting against the Folgore) approached 3 Italian prisoners, one of them being Folgore’s commander, General Frattini. The British officer smartly saluted the 3 Italians and they returned his salute.