What differential does a 2005 GTO have?

The 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO comes from the factory with a 3.46 gear ratio limited-slip differential. Limited slip means it is not a full true locked Posi rear end. Both rear tires are not always spinning at the same speed.

What rear end does a 2004 GTO have?

Data File:

Data File: Car: 2004 GTO
Owner: Brett Rockey
Rear suspension: BMR lowering springs, QA1 shocks
Rear end: Diff Technics 9-inch, Moser 3.50 gear, Detroit Locker posi, BMR 300M billet stub axles and CV shafts
Brakes: Stock

What is VTM 4 rear differential fluid?

Rear Differential (VTM-4) Fluid Part of the Variable Torque Management® 4WD System (VTM-4®), the rear differential automatically varies the amount of torque distributed to each rear wheel based on demand. Rear differential fluid lubricates and cools the clutch packs inside the rear differential.

What transmission comes in 2004 GTO?

Powered by a 5.7-liter V8 engine mated to either a standard 4-speed automatic or optional 6-speed manual transmission, the GTO delivers impressive acceleration.

How many gears does a GTO have?

Stock early GTO’s with stickshift usually came through with 3.55 gears, and aut0 cars had 3.36 gears standard. The 3.55 (4-Series) carrier could accomodate gears from 4.88 or so down to 3.36.

How much does a differential fluid change cost?

When changing the differential fluid, the overall differential fluid change cost averages between $80-$150 for the rear and $70 to $130 for the front change, coming in at a total price of between $150-$280 for the differential fluid change cost.

What is rear differential fluid in Honda CRV?

The Honda CR-V’s rear differentials in 4WD or AWD systems should use Honda Dual Pump Fluid II for OEM performance. The fluid in a honda cr-v rear differential is an 80w oil, full synthetic is best.