What does a 16th scale inch ruler mean?

Each inch is divided into 16 lines, meaning that the space between each line is 1/16 inch long—this is the smallest length you can measure with a ruler. (Note that some rulers only go down to 1/8 inch lines, whereas others go down to 1/32 inch lines.)

How many 16th are there in a inch?

On a ruler there are 16 sixteenths in an inch.

How many 64th are in a 16th?

Fractional / Decimal Conversion
32nd 64th To
3/64 0.055
1/16 1/16 0.070
5/64 0.086

What does ITA LEEM stand for in IIUM?

What is iTa’leem? iTa’leem is the new e-learning platform in IIUM. iTa’leem stands for Innovative Teaching and Learning Environment System. It is in line with the National E-learning Policy which requires that all public universities adopt a Web 2.0 enabled Learning Management System (LMS) for its e-learning platform.

What are the measurements of an imperial ruler?

Rulers have measurements in imperial and metric, imperial-only, or metric-only. Get more information on rulers, including different types and uses, or download and print one of our free printable rulers .

Can you adjust the size of an online ruler?

This is an online ruler (centimeters, millimeters) can be adjusted to the actual size, before you use it, please set of pixels per inch in your own device, but also can be adjusted by reference. If you need a real ruler or tape, you can print a ruler, or purchase online.

How do I enrol in ITA Leem online course?

Go to your course in iTa’leem, and In the Settings block, go to Course administration > Users > Enrolled users. Click the Enrol users button at top right (or bottom right). Type the tutor or co-lecturer’s name into the Search field at the bottom and press enter.