What does Boudreau mean?

(US, Cajun) A surname​ that comes from the French word for farmer. A family surname that means leader of the group. This is a common last name for Cajun people.

Where is the name Boudreau from?

Boudreau is a surname of French origin. The name may refer to: Persons. Robert Boudreau (b.

How do you spell beaudreau?

Beaudreau Spelling Variations Hence, there spelling variations of the name Beaudreau, some of which include Boudreau, Boudreaux, Boudrot, Boudros, Boudrault, Boudreault, Boudriaux, Boudret, Boudereau, Boudereaux, Bouderot, Bouderos, Bouderault, Boudereault, Boudreiaux, Bouderet and many more.

How common is the last name Boudreau?

How Common Is The Last Name Boudreau? The surname is the 14,635th most prevalent family name on earth, borne by approximately 1 in 191,490 people. The surname Boudreau occurs mostly in The Americas, where 99 percent of Boudreau reside; 99 percent reside in North America and 73 percent reside in Anglo-North America.

What does boudoir mean in English?

private sitting room
: a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room.

Is Boudreaux a common name?

Boudreaux is a surname of French origin and is a common name among Cajuns.

What is another word for boudoir?

What is another word for boudoir?

bedroom chamber
bedchamber dressing room
room bower
master bedroom sleeping chamber
main bedroom dorm

Is Boudreaux a French name?

Boudreaux is a surname of French origin and is a common name among Cajuns. The name refers to: Donald J.

Where did Eaux come from?

-eaux is the standard French language plural form of nouns ending in -eau, e.g. eau → eaux, château → châteaux, gâteau → gâteaux. In the United States, it often occurs as the ending of Cajun surnames.