What does bounce light mean?

Bounce Light Bouncing light is the process of redirecting a main light source onto a reflective or “bounce” surface, essentially taking your spotted and harsh light and turning it into an area light. You can bounce light off of anything from a white wall to a drop ceiling to a piece of white bead board.

What is a bounce adapter used for?

A bounce adapter is an accessory used to scatter light. When attached onto the flash head during bounce photography, it further softens the already soft light so that the light on the subject is more even. It can also soften or eliminate the shadows on the subject.

What is bounce lighting in photography?

In photography terms, “bouncing” simply means placing a reflective surface in the path of your light source, thereby pushing some of that light back into the subject. Bounced light helps minimize strong shadows and creates a more even lighting environment, which helps bring out the smallest details of a product.

What are two effects of bounce lighting?

Bounce flash has other advantages other than softening the light on the subject, softening or reducing shadows, and eliminating glare. It also is much easier on a person’s eyes.

What can I use to bounce light?

Some objects that can be used to bounce light are:

  • White walls.
  • White or grey ceilings.
  • White or grey colored screens.
  • White or grey colored clothes and boards.
  • Other reflective surfaces like water, tiles, white floor, other props like books, etc.

When should I use bounce flash?

When do I bounce my flash? Indoors when there is ceiling or wall, preferably a white wall so there is no colour cast in the light, or outdoors if there is a surface nearby to bounce off.

How do you bounce flash outside at night?

Here’s how to take awesome night portraits with off camera flash

  1. Get the focus right.
  2. Open the aperture.
  3. Slow the shutter speed.
  4. Raise the ISO.
  5. Use a low power speedlight.
  6. Diffuse the light.
  7. Move the light further away from the subject.
  8. Don’t mix the lighting.

What kind of flash unit does the Samsung NX300 use?

Samsung NX300 Flash. The Samsung NX300 comes bundled with the SEF8A external flash unit. It mounts in the hot shoe derives its power from the camera.

Is the Samsung NX Flash compatible with a-TTL?

Samsung is using a native hot shoe for flashes (and other accessories), but it actually has the “standard” central contact of the hot shoe so it is possible to trigger non-native flashes as well, but without any automation. Currently the only flashes supporting A-TTL are the native Samsung flashes and the NX flashes by Metz (see table below).

What is the quick guide for Lexus nx300h?

Quick guide LEXUS NX300h/NX300 Navi Manual_USA_OM78229U 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Quick guide• Giving guidance for the route quickly Basic function • Information to be read before operation • Setting initial settings before operation • Connecting the Bluetooth®device