What does CoLinx in Crossville do?

The CoLinx mission is to protect and preserve jobs by being the best choice. To aid in this effort we prioritize keeping safety first, treating everyone with respect, delivering accurately and on time, and spending wisely.

Where is CoLinx?

Colinx 1536 Genesis Rd Crossville, TN Delivery Service – MapQuest.

What does CoLinx make?

The average CoLinx hourly pay ranges from approximately $17 per hour for a Distribution Specialist to $17 per hour for a Distribution Specialist. CoLinx employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.7/5 stars.

What is the zip code for Crossville Tennessee?

Crossville/Zip codes

What is Crossville area code?

Area code 931
Crossville/Area codes

What is the zip code for Athens Tennessee?

Athens/Zip codes

What is Sevierville TN ZIP code?

Sevierville/Zip codes

What is the zip code for Kingston Tennessee?

Kingston/Zip codes

What county is Athens Tennessee?

McMinn County

What is the elevation of Kingston Tennessee?

233 m

What county is Kingston TN?

Roane County
Kingston was founded in 1799 and is the second oldest city in Tennessee. It was the state capital for one day on September 21, 1807, and remains the county seat for Roane County. Located in the center of Kingston is one of only seven antebellum courthouses remaining in Tennessee.

Is Athens TN in the Smoky Mountains?

Athens, city, seat of McMinn county, southeastern Tennessee, U.S. It lies in the Tennessee River valley, between the Great Smoky Mountains (east) and the Cumberland Plateau (west), about 55 miles (90 km) southwest of Knoxville.

What was my experience at colinx in Crossville TN?

I had a pleasant experience working for CoLinx LLC. The management are approachable, flexible, and very capable. The compensation and benefits were really nice. Was this review helpful? Job seekers rely on your experience. Every work experience is unique. Let people know your thoughts on previous employers. Good pay and lots of overtime.

Who are the employees of colinx, LLC?

Colinx, LLC is located in Crossville, TN, United States and is part of the Industrial Equipment Wholesalers Industry. Colinx, LLC has 4 employees at this location. There are 9 companies in the Colinx, LLC corporate family.

Where are colinx warehouse locations in North America?

At CoLinx, we aim to combine ecommerce and logistics for the mutual benefit of manufacturers and distributors. We manage fleets, routes, and all of the paperwork to serve North America. We operate seven strategic warehouse locations to best serve our distributors.