What does CVA guns stand for?

CVA was founded way back in 1971 as Connecticut Valley Arms™, specializing in traditional side-lock muzzleloading rifles and build-it-yourself rifle kits. Every barrel that we use today is also made in Bergara at the BERGARA BARRELS factory, which, like CVA, is wholly owned by our parent company.

What is a CVA kit?

8 piece kit with all the essential cleaning tools, solvents and lubricants for quick in-the-field muzzleloader cleaning. Compact and light-weight, this cleaning kit stows away in your pack or attaches to your belt. 100 Cotton Cleaning Patches. .50 Caliber Brass Cleaning Brush. .50 Caliber Barrel Swab.

Are CVA Scout barrels interchangeable?

Do any current models have interchangeable barrels? No, we are no longer producing multi-caliber guns.

How far will a CVA Accura shoot?

The CVA Accura V2 Long Range muzzleloader is the top of the line model from CVA and has been rated the best long-range muzzleloader from Muzzle-Loaders.com. The Accura LR boasts a 300-yard shooting capability by providing better velocity through its 30″ Nitride-treated Bergara barrel.

Can a felon own muzzleloader?

While you must have a permit to own a firearm, you do not need to have a permit to purchase or own a muzzleloader. Since federal law allows felons to own so-called antique firearms, state or local law may still classify such weapons as firearms, which are banned for felons.

Can a CVA Wolf shoot 150 grain?

Your CVA Wolf or Optima is a break-action muzzleloader. Your CVA rifle utilizes a 209 shotgun shell primer to ignite the powder charge. It is fully magnum capable. This means that you can use the “magnum” charge of 150 grains equivalent of pelletized blackpowder substitutes.

Which CVA muzzleloader is the best?

The CVA® Optima™ V2 LR features a nitride or stainless steel barrel with a Realtree Edge thumbhole stock and is the 2020 Best Mid-Range muzzleloader. It is a great option for anyone who wants to reach beyond 200 yards while providing a great value to the customer.

What is a good muzzleloader to buy?

The 8 Best Modern Muzzleloaders (Plus a Totally New Ignition…

  • CVA Paramount. CVA Paramount .45 Caliber • Price: $1,100.
  • Traditions Vortek StrikerFire .50 Caliber.
  • Gunwerks Gen 2 .50 Caliber Muzzleloader.
  • Remington Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader.
  • Thompson/Center Triumph Bone Collector.
  • Thompson/Center Impact!

Can you change barrels on a CVA Optima?

The brand’s affordable Apex rifle is built as a muzzleloader, then can be adapted to centerfire cartridge use with a quick-change barrel system. It is sleek, well balanced, highly affordable and fast becoming popular.

What calibers does CVA Scout come in?

243, 7mm-08, and . 35 Remington, while the standard length SCOUT V2s are chambered in . 35 Whelen, . 35 Remington, .

What kind of gun is a 32 Cal?

The Crockett Rifle, based off “Old Betsy” is the perfect small game gun. This half-stocked . 32 caliber is authentic in look and feel. Featuring brass inlays, percussion lock and octagonal barrel, this gun is perfect for at the range or in the field. The Crockett Rifle has a 32 ” … Midwayusa View All ›› See more…

Where can I buy a 32 Cal muzzleloader?

Midwayusa View All ›› See more… A rare . 32 cal muzzleloader made by CVA with a 25 octagonal 98% factory browned barrel with strong rifling. lock works food, and t for sale by John S. Burda on GunsAmerica – 973616848 Gunsamerica View All ›› See more…

What kind of gun is the CVA Paramount?

The PARAMOUNT™ is CVA’s .45 caliber bolt-action gun that was developed and designed to handle “super-magnum” propellant charges and thus provides the higher velocities necessary for killing shots at 300 yards and beyond.

Which is the best CVA muzzleloader on the market?

The ACCURA MR is CVA’s newest addition to the ACCURA family of premium muzzleloading rifles. Our ACCURA Mountain Rifle joins the ACCURA V2 models, which are already among the most popular top-of-the-line muzzleloaders on the market today.