What does duPont Manual High School do for students?

Educate beyond the classroom walls through foreign/ domestic travel, project-driven research activities, community leadership, career pathways, performance and service. duPont Manual High School is proud to support our Black students, families, teachers, administrators, and staff.

What does Manual High School do for students?

Manual High School empowers students to step into their greatness and take their place in the world. As Colorado Public Radio’s John Daley explains, that led one group of Colorado students on an unexpected mission — to improve a key part of their school-based healthcare. Click here for link.

When did Manual High School stop bussing students?

During the 1970s and 1980s, the school had a diverse student body, a result of desegregation busing which began in 1970. Once a model of educational excellence and community, Manual High School fell on hard times after the school district ended bussing for integration in 1995.

When did Manual High School become a magnet school?

In 1984, Manual became a magnet school, allowing students from throughout the district to apply to five specialized programs of study, or magnets. Manual and Male High School have the oldest football rivalry in the state, dating back to 1893. Manual’s football team has won five state titles and claims two national championships.

When did manual high school merge with Boys High School?

In 1911, Manual became the first school in Kentucky to serve lunches to students. In 1913, Louisville Public Schools announced a plan to merge Manual and its rival Male High School into Louisville Boys High so that the two schools could share a new $300,000 facility. The plan took effect in 1915.

When did Manual High School in Louisville decline?

In 2004, after conducting a poll, Louisville’s Courier-Journal newspaper listed Manual as one of Louisville residents’ ten favorite buildings. Manual experienced a decline in discipline and test scores in the 1970s.