What does E68 mean on a Frigidaire Affinity dryer?

The error E68 may appear when a keypad on the control panel is stuck in place. This may be resolved by using a clean, slightly damp cloth to clean the keypad — turn off and unplug the washing machine first.

What does E4A mean on my dryer?

ANSWER Hello John, The error code E4A indicates that the dryer ran too long. Either there is a ventilation restriction or overload. Check your ventilation all the way to outside of home to make sure that it is clear. You would also want to check the blower wheel for heavy lint build up.

How do I troubleshoot my Frigidaire Affinity dryer?

How to Troubleshoot a Frigidaire Affinity Dryer

  1. Listen for abnormal operating sounds.
  2. Check that the Affinity dryer has electrical power.
  3. Set the Affinity dryer to the correct cycle.
  4. Clean the lint filter regularly.
  5. Latch the door securely before you start the drying cycle.

Why does my Frigidaire Affinity dryer keep pausing?

The PAU, or pause, error usually means that the washing machine cycle was interrupted and was not restarted properly. If you try to modify the cycle or start a new one before the first cycle is complete, the PAU error will appear on the display.

What does E64 mean on a Frigidaire Affinity dryer?

Heater Open Circuit
The error code E64 means Heater Open Circuit. This error appears when the Heating element or wiring to the heating element is defective.

How do I troubleshoot my Frigidaire Affinity Dryer?

Why is my Frigidaire Affinity Dryer not drying?

A clogged dryer vent is one of the most common culprits behind any dryer not heating. If you have a dryer not drying clothes in a reasonable time, this could be why. Clean out the lint trap, and dryer duct located behind the dryer.

Why is my Frigidaire Affinity dryer not drying?

Why does my front loader keep pausing?

The door latch can cause a GE frontload washer to pause during a cycle. If the door physically opens, the washer will pause. However, if the door stays locked but the switch is bad then the control will think the door is open and the washer will pause. If the door will not latch then the washer will not start.

How to retrieve the error codes in a Frigidaire affinity?

Wait for 5 to 10 seconds then push and hold “Start/Pause” and “Cancel” at the same time. Watch for the indicator lights on the control panel to flash. Read the error code in the display panel. Release the buttons once the error code appears.

What to do if your Frigidaire dryer is not working?

Once you know the error code your dryer is signaling, troubleshoot the problem using the chart below. If the washer on your laundry center has stopped working, find out how to enter the washer’s diagnostic test mode and troubleshoot error codes.

What does the start light on a Frigidaire dryer mean?

The Start light flashes a number of times to indicate the second digit. The Start light flashes 10 times for the letter A, 11 for B, 12 for C and so on. Unplug the dryer for 5 minutes to reset the control board. Plug the dryer in and start a cycle.

How to test infinite resistance on Frigidaire dryer?

The motor connects to the control board through the white wire on the J1 plug and the black wire on the J2 plug. Disconnect those plugs and measure the resistance through the black and white wires. You should measure about 3 ohms of resistance. If you measure infinite resistance, you’ll need to test for a failed motor or a break in the wiring.