What does exclusion mean antonym?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for exclusion. acceptance, embrace, welcome.

What are synonyms for excluded?

OTHER WORDS FOR exclude 1 bar, prohibit, except, omit, preclude. 3 reject.

Whats is an antonym?

English Language Learners Definition of antonym : a word with a meaning that is opposite to the meaning of another word. See the full definition for antonym in the English Language Learners Dictionary. antonym. noun. an·​to·​nym | \ ˈan-tə-ˌnim \

What is the synonym of exclusion?

barring, keeping out, debarment, debarring, disbarring, banning, ban, prohibition, embargo. rejection, ostracism, banishment. acceptance, admission. 2’the exclusion of other factors’ elimination, ruling out, factoring out.

What is d meaning of excluded?

: to prevent (someone) from doing something or being a part of a group. : to leave out (something) : to not include (something) : to think that (something, such as a possibility) is not worth attention.

What does exclusion apply mean?

In general, ‘exclusions apply’ means that some things arent covered. example: company may cover damages to some things in your house but excludes other things in it. Certain exclusions may apply. this one uses the word may which means that the exclusions aren’t definite or only apply at certain times.

What is an example of exclusion?

Exclusion is defined as the act of leaving someone out or the act of being left out. An example of exclusion is inviting everyone except one person to the party. Of taxes, an item that is not required to be included in gross income; of insurance, the occurrences that will not receive coverage under the policy.

Is exclusion permanent?

the exclusion is permanent; it is a fixed period exclusion which would bring the pupil’s total number of school days of exclusion to more than 15 in term; or. it would result in a pupil missing a public examination or national curriculum test.

What is meant by excluded areas?

An exclusion zone is an area where people are not allowed to go or where they are not allowed to do a particular thing, for example because it would be dangerous.

What is a synonym for exclusion?

exception, exclusion, elision(noun) a deliberate act of omission. “with the exception of the children, everyone was told the news”. Synonyms: exception, ejection, riddance, censure, excommunication, expulsion, elision.

What is a synonym for exclusive?

synonyms – exclusive. exclusive (adj.) chic, clannish, elite, exquisite, fashionable, narrow, private, restricted, select, selfish, single, snobbish, sole, undivided. exclusive (adv.)

What is another word for exclusionary?

Synonyms for exclusionary in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for exclusionary. 28 synonyms for exclusion: ban, bar, veto, refusal, boycott, embargo, prohibition, disqualification, interdict, proscription, debarment, preclusion, forbiddance. What are synonyms for exclusionary?