What does growler mean in the UK?

a pitcher, pail, or other container brought by a customer for beer. British Slang. a four-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage.

What does the slang word growler mean?

Mr Bentley then told a joke about a man saying: “When I ask for a growler I don’t want a pork pie”, the punchline being that a “growler” is Yorkshire slang for pork pie, but also a lewd term for female genitalia. …

What do the British call a growler?

It means vagina.

What is a growler in Scotland?

THIRSTY Scots with a taste for craft beer have fallen in love with a new way of drinking – from a glass known as a ‘Growler’. The concept, which originated in America, involves renting a large glass container measuring up to three litres and simply paying for refills. “That’s where the concept of the Growler came from.

What is another name for a growler?

What is another word for growler?

jug pitcher
receptacle greybeard
jorum beaker
bottle bucket
canteen cruet

Why is a pork pie called a growler?

In Yorkshire slang a pork pie is sometimes called a “growler”, a term probably derived from the “NAAFI growler” of earlier naval and army slang. An annual pork pie competition is held in April at The Old Bridge Inn, Ripponden, Yorkshire.

What is a growler on a woman?

a woman, esp one who is considered physically unattractive.

Is a growler worth it?

Yes, beer growlers are worth it. For those who aren’t familiar with this container, a growler is an airtight jug with a handle made to transport beer from breweries, bars, and brewpubs. It allows you to take beer for some time without an outright reduction in the beer’s quality.

What is a growler used for?

For those not yet in the know, a growler is a container typically made out of glass, ceramic or aluminum, that is used to transport beer. An air-tight jug, it allows you to take draft beer from one place to another without losing quality.

What does a growler mean in British slang?

It means vagina. I’m Canadian but have been dating a Brit for a year and a half, and living in the UK. We first started bonding over music 2 years ago and I told him I loved the growlers.

What is the meaning of the word punter?

Google’s definition of the word Punter; a person who gambles, places a bet, or makes a risky investment. This helps to solidify the meaning (this is exactly what I thought the definition would be) but it doesn’t help us with the history of the word. I had to do some digging to find this, but it appears to have its roots in rugby of all things!

Why did Top Gear call the car the Growler?

On Top Gear last year, James, Jeremy and Richard started discussing a car called the ‘growler’ and burst out laughing because of what it meant.

What do you call a guy who talks like a punter?

The guy who has all the gear and talks like he nails shit, but actually sucks. You may see the punters in the lodge talking about how sick their day was while sippin their latte’s and waiting for their SUV’s to warm up. “That guy sure talked a lot of smack, but he turned out to be a punter.”