What does it mean when someone says Goodnight Irene?

A phrase used to show one’s shock or dismay. “Goodnight Irene” is the title of a 1930s folk song by Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter.

Who first sang Goodnight Irene?

Huddie Leadbetter
As early as 1908, Huddie Leadbetter (aka Lead Belly, born 1888, Mooringsport, Louisiana) was apparently singing “Goodnight, Irene” and family members suggested that he created the song while singing lullabies to his infant niece, Irene Campbell, in Leigh, Texas.

How old is Goodnight Irene?

Lead Belly’s version These recordings for the Library of Congress included three takes of “Irene”. As part of the Federal Art Project that began in 1935, the song was published in 1936, in Lomax’s version, as “Goodnight, Irene”, a joint Ledbetter-Lomax composition.

When was Goodnight Irene song?

July 1950
Released in July 1950, “Goodnight Irene,” as it was called, flew to the top of the pop charts. “It stayed at number one week after week after month after month; like three months,” Pete Seeger recalls. “In 1950, everybody knew this song.”

What is the origin of good night?

phrase in parting for the evening or retiring to sleep, c. 1200, from good (adj.) + night. As an exclamation of surprise from 1893.

Where does the phrase Goodnight Vienna come from?

“good night, Vienna” comes from the title of a romantic operetta, 1932, book and lyrics by Eric Maschwitz, music by George Posford, the whole serving as a vehicle for Richard Tauber. ‘Its main song was “Good night, Vienna” (you city of a million melodies)’ (Ronald Pearsall, 1975).

Who sang Goodnight Irene in the 50’s?

Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians
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Is Goodnight together or separate?

To recap, if you’re going to write a farewell to someone at night or address a farewell to someone in writing, use the two-word variant: good night. But if you’re talking about the noun or noun adjective, use the one-word form, goodnight.

When did we start saying good night?

Good night, also goodnight, is late 14c.; as an exclamation of surprise, from 1893.

What does it mean when you say goodnight nurse?

GOOD NIGHT NURSE — From Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, Volume 1, A-G by J. E. Lighter: “good night – interj. (used to indicate or comment on a disastrous conclusion; also used to indicate surprise or exasperation). – also constru.

Who sang Goodnight Vienna?

Ringo Starr
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Who was Hootie Ledbetter?

Lead Belly, also spelled Leadbelly, byname of Huddie William Ledbetter, (born January 21, 1885?, Jeter Plantation, near Mooringsport, Louisiana, U.S.—died December 6, 1949, New York, New York), American folk-blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist whose ability to perform a vast repertoire of songs in a variety of …