What does melanoma stage 3 mean?

Considered an advanced form of skin cancer, a stage III melanoma may have spread beyond the original tumor to one or multiple nearby lymph nodes. This stage also includes disease that has travelled from the primary site but not yet reached local lymph nodes.

Which stage of melanoma has the best prognosis?

Melanoma can be treated most effectively in its early stages when it is still confined to the top layer of the skin (epidermis). The deeper a melanoma penetrates into the lower layers of the skin (dermis), the greater the risk that it could or has spread to nearby lymph nodes or other organs.

What is resected melanoma?

Introduction. High-risk resected melanoma signifies a group of patients that carries a risk of melanoma recurrence and death after initial surgical resection that may be defined as 35% to 40% or higher and includes patients with American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) stages IIB, IIC, III, and IV.

What is the life expectancy of someone with stage 3 melanoma?

Prognosis for Stage 3 Melanoma: With appropriate treatment, Stage III melanoma is considered intermediate to high risk for recurrence or metastasis. With all melanoma, the earlier it is detected and treated, the better. The 5-year survival rate as of 2018 for regional melanoma (Stage III) is 63.6%.

Does Stage 3 melanoma always come back?

The chances of stage 3 melanoma coming back are moderate to high. The highest risk for recurrence of melanoma are the first two to three years after treatment. According to the Magazine of European Medical Oncology, five-year recurrence-free survival rates are: stage 3A: 95 percent.

What is Stage 3 melanoma survival rate?

What does stage 3b mean?

Stage 3b is when the cancer has grown into the outermost layers of the wall of the colon and may have reached nearby organs. Again, this stage is also marked by the cancer spreading to the lymph nodes.

What are the symptoms of Stage 3 melanoma?

Other symptoms of melanoma include itchiness, scaliness, or oozing on a skin lesion. In stage 3 melanoma, the cancerous growths have penetrated through the skin and underlying layer of fat and tissue, and the cancer has reached the lymph nodes closest to the melanoma.

How does Stage 3 melanoma affect the body?

Stage 3 melanoma is the fourth stage of skin cancer, so growths have spread from the skin through the underlying fat and tissue and into the regional lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are small glands that filter out harmful substances from the body, so the lymph nodes closest to where the melanoma began are usually the first areas of the body affected by the spreading cancer .

Can Stage 3 melanoma be cured?

In stage 3A melanoma, only a microscopic amount of cancer has spread into 1 to 3 nearby lymph nodes. In many cases, stage 3A melanoma can be cured by surgical removal of the tumor and the nearby lymph nodes.