What does MICT mean in the Air Force?

Management Internal Control toolset
many Air Force individuals about what they would want from a new standardized wing-level information management system like MICT. Page 7. Introduing the Management Internal Control toolset (MICt) 83.

What does sac stand for in MICT?

Manage the unit’s MICT permissions. 5.4. Assign individual assessors as Point-Of-Contact (POCs) for each Self-Assessment Communicator (SAC) based on assignment by the appropriate work center supervisor.

What does Igems stand for?


Acronym Definition
IGEMS Integrated Global Enterprise Management System (AT)
IGEMS Inspector General Evaluation Management System
IGEMS Institute for Globalization and Education in Metropolitan Settings (New York University)

What does MICT stand for exercise?

Moderate-Intensity Continuous Training (MICT) The MICT for both exercise groups was performed on various aerobic modalities: cycle and rowing ergometers, elliptical crosstrainer, and treadmill. The exercise intensity method for MICT differed between treatment groups.

What is a MICT checklist?

The heart of the MICT system is a series of checklists and questions with AFI references regarding requirements for a unit or work center. As a group satisfies inspectable checklist items, the items are checked off in the MICT system, signifying compliance.

What is Igems C?

c. Inspector General Enterprise Management System (IGEMS) Audit, Assignment, and Timesheet.

What does havoc stand for military?

HAVOC: Call-sign for TOC – Tactical Operations Centre. Helo: Helicopter. Hooch: Barracks or living quarters. HUMINT: Human Intelligence – collection of information from human sources either done openly or clandestine (espionage)

What does Igems stand for in the Air Force?

Inspector General’s Evaluation Management System
Inspector General’s Evaluation Management System (IGEMS). IGEMS (to include the classified version) facilitates scheduling, planning, inspecting, and report writing for IG inspections.

What is a Sav inspection?

The US Army Staff Assistance Visit (SAV) Checklist is used to organize periodic inspections according to the policies and responsibilities outlined by the US Army.

What does MICT stand for?

MICT stands for Manila International Container Terminal. Suggest new definition. This definition appears somewhat frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Organizations, NGOs, schools, universities, etc.

What is Air Force MICT?

The purpose of MICT is twofold. First, it provides us an Air Force (AF)-wide, standardized self-assessment program that brings visibility of base level assessments to ALL levels of the AF, enabling “data-based” decisions.

What is the abbreviation for Air Force Materiel Command?

AFMCI stands for Air Force Materiel Command Instruction. Abbreviation is mostly used in categories:Air Instruction Command Materiel Order