What does OBXF value mean?

Parcel size Legal Description Notice Code mailed to owner identifying the reason for a change in value. Year the structure was built = Actual Year Built. OBXF = Other Buildings & Extra Features.

What does Eyb mean in real estate?

The EYB is the typical age of a structure with respect to condition and utility; acknowledging the difference between a rehabilitated structure and a building with substantial deferred maintenance. Page 12. 12 | Page. Year Remodeled is just that, the year in which a property was remodeled, if applicable.

What is the tax rate in Johnston County?

North Carolina has a 4.75% sales tax and Johnston County collects an additional 2%, so the minimum sales tax rate in Johnston County is 6.75% (not including any city or special district taxes)….Tax Rates By City in Johnston County, North Carolina.

City Sales Tax Rate Tax Jurisdiction
Wilsons Mills 6.75% Wilson’s Mill

What is a property grade?

The county assessor’s office is responsible for deciding what the assessed value is. Two deciding factors are the grade and CDU (condition, desirability and utility). Grade is an evaluation of the construction materials and level of craftsmanship used to build houses.

What is the effective age of a house?

The effective age is calculated by taking the percentage of the remodeling or modernization in relation to the whole. For example: 50% of the total structure of a house is 40 years old, 20% is 20 years old, and 30% of the structure is 5 years old. 0.50 X 40 = 20.0 years.

What is Year built?

“Year Built” is the year in which your property was constructed. The year built is not used to calculate the any metrics or the ENERGY STAR Score; it is simply for property information. If you don’t know the exact year the property was built, enter an estimate.

What does TP stand for in surveying?

T-SHEET – A topographic map or chart prepared by the former Coast and Geodetic Survey, and now by the National Ocean Survey, including the manuscript copy. The topographic map is identified with a number, prefixed with the letter T, such as T-5542. As now prepared they are prefixed “TP” (topographic-photogrammetric).