What does putting your money where your mouth is mean?

informal. : to give or spend money or take some action in order to do or support something that one has been talking about It’s time for the mayor to put his money where his mouth is and increase funding for schools.

What is another way to say put your money where your mouth is?

Synonyms: Ways of encouraging or telling someone to do something. I wish. go for it. don’t hesitate to do something.

Is Put your money where your mouth is a figure of speech?

a form of expression that uses metaphor or simile to produce a heightened effect. I used a figure of speech when I said, “Put your money where your mouth is.” I didn’t mean to literally put your money on your mouth. a mental picture; an idea of something.

What does put it in your mouth mean?

Definition of put words in/into someone’s mouth : to suggest that someone said or meant something that he or she did not actually say or mean Don’t put words in my mouth. I wasn’t defending his actions, despite what you may think.

What does walking the walk mean?

informal. : to do the things that one says one will do As the saying goes, “Don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk!”

Where my mouth is meaning?

used for saying that someone should do something, especially spend money, to show that they mean what they say instead of just talking about it. The company claims to care about the environment, but it should put its money where its mouth is.

What does money to burn mean?

informal. : a large amount of money to spend expensive cars for people with money to burn.

What’s the meaning of hard cash?

: money that a person has and can use immediately : money in the form of bills and coins rather than checks or credit cards He wanted hard cash for his watch.

What is it called when you put words in someone else’s mouth?

To say something again, or to repeat someone else’s words. repeat. paraphrase. quote.

What is the meaning of don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk?

If you say that someone talks the talk but does not walk the walk, you mean that they do not act in a way that agrees with the things they say: When it comes to recycling he talks the talk but he doesn’t walk the walk.