What does the NHIS measure?

The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) is an annual, cross-sectional survey intended to provide nationally representative estimates on a wide range of health status and utilization measures among the nonmilitary, noninstitutionalized population of the United States.

Does NHIS have state level data?

These files contain everything in the public use data files, along with information such as geographic area detail (e.g., state), metropolitan area detail, an urban/rural code, and other items such as detailed industry and occupation codes that are not provided in the NHIS public use data files.

How is the National Health Interview Survey administered?

Data Collection Procedures Since 1997, the NHIS questionnaire has been administered in the computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) mode. The questionnaire is administered with a laptop computer, with interviewers entering responses directly during the interview.

How do you cite NHIS data?

The suggested citation for 2017 NHIS survey data and other documentation should read: National Center for Health Statistics. National Health Interview Survey, 2017.

How is NHIS conducted?

The NHIS is conducted using computer-assisted personal interviewing. Face-to-face interviews are conducted in respondents’ homes, but follow-ups to complete interviews may be conducted over the telephone.

How does NHIS work?

NHIS is to provide social health insurance in Nigeria where health care services of contributors are paid from the common pool of funds contributed by the participants of the Scheme. The amount/funds are pooled, allowing the Health Maintenance Organisations(HMOs) to pay for those needing medical attention.

Does census ask about health?

We ask about health insurance coverage status in combination with other information, such as number and age of children in families, household income, and poverty status, to help communities enroll eligible families in programs designed to assist them.

What is the purpose of NHIS?

NHIS is to provide social health insurance in Nigeria where health care services of contributors are paid from the common pool of funds contributed by the participants of the Scheme.

How do you cite a data brief?

Data Brief Author’s name, last name first and initials. Name of report. NCHS data brief, and number. Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics.

How do you cite a brief?

When referring to the brief in the text of your paper, APA says to use the simple citation form for an anonymous work, which is case name, year in parentheses. Example (Mosely v. V Secret Catalogue, 2003).

How do I get a NHIS card?

For replacement of your card:

  1. Contact the district office or NHIS agent in your community.
  2. Fill a replacement form and pay the processing fee where applicable.
  3. You will be issued with a new ID card.

How do I access Brfss data?

Public-use BRFSS datasets are available at https://www.cdc.gov/brfss. BRFSS datasets that include industry and occupation (I&O) are considered confidential and sensitive and are not available to the public.

Where does the NHIS get its data from?

The NHIS sample is drawn from each State and the District of Columbia. Although the NHIS sample is too small to provide data with acceptable precision for each State, selected estimates for most states may be obtained by combining data years. The current NHIS sample design does not oversample any race/ethnicity groups at the household level.

What are the main objectives of the NHIS?

The main objective of the NHIS is to monitor the health of the U.S. population through the collection and analysis of data on a broad range of health topics such as medical conditions, health insurance, doctor’s office visits, physical activity and other health behaviors.

How to complete the NHIS National Health Interview Survey?

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What is the annual response rate for the NHIS?

Question History: This is the only version of the question that has been used. The annual response rate for the NHIS is approximately 80 percent of the eligible households in the sample.