What does the purple Lokai bracelet mean?

It was in that low, where the idea of Lokai began. Lokai will continue to donate $1 to the Alzheimer’s Association for each Alzheimer’s Lokai sold. This bracelet carries elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth, reminding you to find balance – staying humble during life’s highs and hopeful through its lows.

What is a live Lokai?

Lokai bracelets carry elements from the highest and lowest points on earth – water from Mt Everest in the white bead, representing the high points in life, and mud from the Dead Sea in the black bead, signifying the difficult moments. …

Why is there no water in my Lokai bracelet?

Nothing.” Along with Baker, many others have expressed their concern with the product. In response, the company is “brushing it off” saying water evaporates and that’s why there is no water inside the bead.

Can I wear my Lokai bracelet in the shower?

@h0nor Yup, your lokai is 100% waterproof!

Can you shower with your Lokai bracelet?

How can I customize my Lokai bracelets?

Customize your Lokai bracelet with additional reminders of what personally helps you find balance. Gear that performs and reminds you to find your balance through every adventure. Find your balance and save 25% off on our last call selection of Lokai products. Check out our store to start your journey towards balance.

Can you change your Lokai membership every month?

Yes, everything, anytime. Exclusive Lokai designs with monthly themes to inspire balance in your daily life. Customize your membership from the 1st – 3rd of every month. Swap for another item. Shop exclusive styles, or skip the month

What are the best Lokai products to buy?

Find your balance between the light side and dark side with the Star Wars™ Collection by Lokai. Find your balance, and find your power with the Marvel Collection by Lokai. We’ve partnered with the NFL, MLB, NHL and Colleges to bring your favorite team colors to Lokai.

How does Lokai help you find your balance?

Lokai exists to help you find your balance between the highs and lows and it all starts with the Core Collection. Lokai believes giving back brings balance, so we donate 10% of all net profits to charity. The Cause Collection allows you to choose the charity you want to support.