What does Uncle Bryn do for a living?

In the 2019 special, Bryn is in charge of cooking the Christmas dinner for the assembled Shipman and West families (plus Smithy).

Does Smithy marry Nessa?

The Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special 2019 ended with Nessa (Ruth Jones) proposing to Smithy (James Corden) (Image: BBC/G&S TV Productions Ltd.) I would like Smithy to say yes, and for the last episode to be their wedding.”

Who played Uncle Bryn?

Rob BrydonGavin and Stacey
Bryn West/Played by
Gavin and Stacey stars Ruth Jones and Rob Brydon have announced their new comedy – and it sounds like it’s going to be brilliant! The pair, who play Nessa and Uncle Bryn in the hit sitcom, is set to play a married couple who met in their 50s.

How many friends does Bryn have on MySpace?

[Bryn on social media] “I’ve been updating the MySpace; I’ve got 17 friends! I’m snowed under!”

Did Bryn and Jason sleep together?

How do we know? Well, Bryn and Jason are uncle and nephew – making it incest if they were to hop into bed together. And incest is ILLEGAL in the UK, which is completely at odds with that ‘it’s legal in Wales’ comment. Jason fell in and Bryn jumped in after him.

Do Gavin and Stacey have babies?

Neil was the son of Nessa and Smithy December 24, 2020 – 17:13 GMT Gemma Strong. Once a tiny tot, Neil the baby from Gavin and Stacey is now all grown up!

Does Nessa marry Dave?

It was Nessa’s big day in the series finale, with the Welsh legend walking down the aisle to marry Dave Coaches.

Do Gavin and Stacey split up?

In the rest of the series, Gavin and Stacey continue their long-distance relationship before becoming engaged and getting married on 6 April 2007. The series ends with Nessa going to inform Smithy that she is pregnant with his child but changes her mind at the last minute.

What is Nessas catchphrase?

Nessa’s way with words, such as “to be honest, at the end of the day, when all said and done… d’you know what I mean?” were a much-loved part of the BBC show. “That’s well lush” Often used by the sitcom’s kind-hearted Stacey (Joanna Page).

What did Smithy say to Nessa?

“When I put my hand on my heart as Nessa, and I said to Smithy, ‘I love you, No, I do, I love you, I loves you with all my heart’ – when I said it, I really meant it to James,” she said.

What happened on the boat Gavin and Stacey?

One viewer wrote, “More than likely, Bryn and Jason went out fishing. Jason fell in and Bryn jumped in after him. “After pulling him put, Bryn knew that getting warm was essential and, being Bryn, didn’t think before he got them both stripped to get out of their soaking wet clothes and to cuddle to get warm.

Does Nessa have baby?

In the final episode of Series Two, Nessa goes into early labour while Stacey is down in Essex with Gavin, Pam and Mick. They arrive just after Nessa gives birth to baby Neil, and Smithy is emotionally touched. They name him after Smithy and Nessa’s fathers – who are both called Neil, as it happens.

What happens on Uncle Bryn’s fishing trip with Jason?

However many fans were still left wondering what on earth happened on Uncle Bryn’s fishing trip with his nephew Jason. The mystery was never solved during the show’s original run, and just as Bryn – Rob Brydon – was finally about to tell his friends and family what actually happened during the Christmas Special, he was interrupted by the children.

How did Dave and Bryn meet after the fishing trip?

Bryn told Jason, that Six months after the Fishing Trip, Bryn still remained crying so he went over to the Island to play a game of Crazy Golf. Afterwards he met Dave at the kiosk (where he worked) and he asked how he was and that is when all that was revealed and since then Bryn and Dave have really never gotten on.

What happened on Gavin and Stacey fishing trip?

Gavin and Stacey almost revealed what happened on the fishing trip. Picture: BBC James Corden and Ruth Jones had plans to reveal what happened between Bryn and his nephew Jason. It’s been a question which has plagued us all for more than ten years, what really happened between Uncle Bryn and Jason on that fishing trip?

What did Bryn and Jason do on Barry Island?

The plot thickens when we find out that Bryn caved at a vulnerable moment six months after the incident, and told Nessa’s dubious on-off beau Dave Coaches. He tells his nephew that, after playing a round of crazy golf alone on Barry Island in the rain (to hide his tears), he revealed “every damn thing” to Dave, who was working in the kiosk.