What episode is the Geller Cup?

The One with the Football
“The One with the Football” is the ninth episode of Friends’ third season. It first aired on the NBC network in the United States on November 21, 1996….The One with the Football.

“The One with the Football”
Friends episode
Episode no. Season 3 Episode 9
Directed by Kevin S. Bright
Written by Ira Ungerleider

What was the trophy called in Friends?

The Geller Cup
The Geller Cup was a trophy that Monica and Ross would receive when they were younger after the family touch football games depending on who won.

Which Friends episode is the dance?

The One With The Routine
For the uninitiated out there, “the routine” was a dance number Ross (David Schwimmer) and his sister Monica (Cox) performed in an episode on season 6, “The One With The Routine.” In the now-famous episode, the sibling duo brought the rehearsed act out of hibernation in an attempt to gain the camera’s attention on the …

What happened Friends Season 5 episode 21?

Summary: Rachel buys a psychotic Sphynx cat. Phoebe learns that Gary is going to ask her to move in with him. Thinking this is way too fast, she tries to get Chandler to talk him out of it.

How many times did Ross and Rachel?

Ross and Rachel tell the guy that they did go out and Ross slips up that he and Rachel have had sex 298 times when they were dating, shocking her with the fact he kept count.

Who does Joey dance with?

However, Joey begins to enjoy the ballroom dancing with Treeger, leading to mockery from the girls.

When did Ross Geller lose his virginity?

Ross lost his virginity twice The goof: It’s established from season 1, episode 4 (‘The One with George Stephanopoulos’) onwards that Carol was Ross’s first love in a physical sense.