What equipment does a football referee need?

All referees carry a whistle, a watch, penalty cards, a data wallet with pen and paper, and a coin for determining which team has the choice of ends or kick-off.

What equipment do Premier League referees use?

The Fox 40® Classic™ is the standard choice referees and coaches at all levels, rescue professionals and general safety worldwide.

What boots do Premiership refs wear?

Umbro Speciali have been worshipped for decades by coaches and referees in every top league across the world.

What watches do referees wear?

On the field, the substitute’s boards are shaped like a TAG Heuer Carrera watch with a tachometer scale, and bear the name of the Swiss watch brand. The referees also sport the TAG Heuer Connected smart watch, with a dedicated application.

What kind of shoes do football referees wear?

Footwear: Referees are expected to wear athletic footwear which is primarily black in color. White footwear is NEVER permitted. Cleats, turf shoes, or running shoes are all appropriate provided they are black.

What are the 7 officials in football?


  • Umpire.
  • Down Judge.
  • Line Judge.
  • Field Judge.
  • Side Judge.
  • Back Judge.
  • What studs are not allowed in football?

    Must not be longer than 21 mm. Must not have any burring or sharp edges. At least 10mm diameter at the end <— this is why many football studs are not OK for rugby. All edges of the studs/cleats should be finished smooth and rounded to a radius of not less than 1mm.

    What whistles do UEFA referees use?

    The classic Valkeen whistle is used by professional referees worldwide, including at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Known for its distinct, loud and clear tone and exceptional quality, you simply can’t go wrong with this top-of-the-line whistle.

    What shoes do soccer referees wear?

    Why do referees wear two watches?

    The real reason most referees at the top levels wear the two watches is to keep track of extra time that will need to be added at the end of each half. One of the two watches is continuously run. The second watch is stopped during injuries, time-wasting, substitutions, the giving of cautions and red cards, etc.

    What is the best soccer referee watch?

    Referee Watches

    • Spintso Referee Watch 2S.
    • Spintso Pro Referee Watch (Black/Orange)
    • Spintso Pro Referee Watch (Black/Gray)
    • Robic PRO Referee Watch.
    • Casio Referee Watch.
    • Casio Ultra-Light Referee Watch.
    • Champion Referee Watch.
    • Fox 40 Whistle & Watch Combo Kit.

    How many referees are there in a football game?

    seven officials
    In gridiron football, an official is a person who has responsibility in enforcing the rules and maintaining the order of the game. During professional and most college football games, seven officials operate on the field.

    Where can I buy a football referee uniform?

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    What kind of equipment does a referee use?

    * set of 1 red and 1 yellow card. * incl. case and notepad. Referee Warning Kit consist of 2 Cards Red & Yellow, Pencil It is a handy storage case with zipper closure. Includes

    What kind of watch does a soccer referee need?

    A multifunctional watch and a practical whistle are a soccer / handball referee’s core equipment. In our store you’ll find the FOX 40 CLASSIC whistle, which is popular with professionals around the world. In addition we stock a variety of other quality whistles for each individual need.

    What do you need for a referee warning kit?

    Referee Warning Kit consist of 2 Cards Red & Yellow, Pencil It is a handy storage case with zipper closure. Includes * professional referee whistle. * available in 3 colours.