What frequency does CHP use?

California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Frequency Type
44.98000 B

What frequency does NSW police use?


Frequency Input License
7.66150 7.66000 VKG
27.53000 VKG
27.96000 VKG
156.87500 VKG

What frequency does San Diego police use?

800 MHz
The San Diego County Sheriffs Department and many jurisdictions use 800 MHz through the Regional Communication System (RCS). Some cities are using 800 MHz frequencies which are not part of the RCS but can be accessed by that system.

What radios do CHP use?

The CHP motorcycles also use the RANGR radio, but with a motorcycle version S815 control head as shown on the BMW motorcycle below.

What is an 1125 police code?

Common CHP Codes and Shorthand

10-1 Reception poor
1110 Take a report
1124 Abandoned vehicle
1125 Traffic hazard
1126 Abandoned vehicle, occupied

Where is the 435 repeater in Riverside County?

Live Audio From Corona Police and Fire including Riverside County CHP. The “435” repeater is famous for lively discussion on controversial subjects. Located in Southern California on Santiago Peak (5,600 feet), the repeater covers Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Inland Empire.

Where to find Riverside County live audio feeds?

Feed archives can be found by clicking the additional feed details icon for each feed. ( ( (Stereo Feed))) RIGHT Side = Dispatch and Response channels *** LEFT Side = Command and TAC channels. Special Events Feed: Will be activated only during large special events such as wildland incidents around the state.

Where are the fire departments in Riverside County?

Scanning Palm Springs City Fire as well as other Coachella Valley Fire Agencies covered under Calfire. City of Riverside, CA Fire Dept. Dispatch, Cmd2 and Cmd3 response channels. Palomar Mountain San Diego/Riverside/San Bernardino County coverage.

How to listen to Jefferson County live audio feeds?

To listen using other methods such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, or Winamp, choose your player selection and click the play icon to start listening. Premium Subscribers can set their default external media player on their MyBCFY Personalization Page. Feed archives can be found by clicking the additional feed details icon for each feed.