What frequency does the LAPD use?

LAPD Voice Radio System This radio system consists of 56 digital channels (APC0-25 compliant) and one analog channel. This system is configured in the conventional mode operating in the 450-512 MHz UHF frequency band. This radio system currently supports over 10,000 portable/mobile radios used by the LAPD officers.

Why is LAPD helicopter circling my house?

LAPD helicopters are especially well positioned to help cops on the ground set up dragnets for an array of suspects – alleged burglars, gangsters who run from officers, robbers on the loose. Air units usually take command of these situations and order badges down below to take strategic positions in your neighborhood.

What is a police TAC channel?

“Talk Around.” It’s a simplex channel. It’s used on those occasions when two or more cars leave the area, i.e, the range of the broadcast system. An example would be when a couple of sheriff’s vehicles leave the area to pick up or deliver prisoners.

Can BaoFeng use MURS?

The Baofeng is capable of transmitting on FRS/GMRS & MURS.

How much do LAPD helicopter pilots make?

The actual salary of a LAPD Pilot is probably closer to $120,000 – $130,000 annually (gross earnings).

What kind of Radio is a Baofeng radio?

BaoFeng radios are designed to be affordable radios for licensed amateur radio enthusiasts and commercial users (schools, hospitals, municipalities, and many more). Most BaoFeng radios operate in both VHF and UHF frequencies.

Why do you need to buy through Baofeng Tech?

When you buy through BaoFeng Tech, you are supporting new radios and advancements from the affordable radio movement. From testing BaoFeng radios and fixing bugs to preparing the user’s guide – we pay attention to every single detail. We are the only BaoFeng distributor who supports all of our products directly.

How to set up the prolific driver-Baofeng radio?

The following steps are based on the Baofeng UV-5R V2+ model, but should apply to any UV-5R series Baofeng model. 1: press [MENU] key to enter into the device menu. 2: use the up or down arrow keys to navigate to the menu item you need to manipulate. You can also type in the menu item number directly to jump to the menu item.

How does a simplex communication work on a Baofeng radio?

The following steps are based on the Baofeng UV-5R V2+ model, but should apply to any UV-5R series Baofeng model. A simplex communication is a direct communication between two radios with transmission and receiving happening on the same frequency. No repeater is involved.