What happened at Oakland Cemetery?

On March 14, a tornado tears through downtown Atlanta and strikes Oakland Cemetery. The tornado destroys monuments, uproots over 110 trees, and litters the cemetery grounds with debris. The storm causes an estimated $2.5 million in damages.

How many people are buried in Oakland Cemetery Atlanta?

70,000 people
Over 70,000 people are buried at Oakland Cemetery, and there are still a few family plots that have not yet been filled.

Can you go to Oakland Cemetery at night?

Know before you go Historic Oakland Cemetery is a public park and is open from dawn until dusk 365 days a year.

Where is Kenny Rogers buried?

Oakland Cemetery
More than a year after his death, Kenny Rogers will be buried in Atlanta’s historic Oakland Cemetery. Other notables buried there include Pulitzer prize-winning author Margaret Mitchell, golf great Bobby Jones and former Atlanta mayor Maynard Jackson.

Who is buried at Oakwood Cemetery Atlanta?

To the northwest, very close to the obelisk itself, are buried four Confederate generals, John B. Gordon, Lucius J. Gartrell, Clement A.

How many Confederate soldiers are buried in Oakland Cemetery?

6,900 Confederate soldiers
More than 70,000 souls rest at Oakland Cemetery, including 6,900 Confederate soldiers buried in the Confederate Burial Grounds.

What famous people are buried in Oakland?

Julia Collier Harris. Julia Collier Harris. 1885-1967. Journalist.

  • Maynard Jackson. Maynard Jackson. 1938-2003. The first African American mayor of Atlanta (1974-82, 1990-94).
  • Dr. Joseph Jacobs. Dr. Joseph Jacobs.
  • Kenny Rogers. Kenny Rogers. 1938-2020.
  • Can you walk around Oakland Cemetery?

    Sights, Symbols, and Stories Overview Tour Explore the history, gardens, and funerary art of Oakland Cemetery with a 90-minute guided walking…

    Can I be buried in Oakland Cemetery?

    Individual, family or larger lots for in ground burial are available for your use in Oakland Cemetery. Wall crypts, lawn crypts and cremation niches in the Garden Mausoleum are also available.

    What celebrities are buried in Atlanta?

    Notable people buried there include Pulitzer Prize-winning author Margaret Mitchell, first African American mayor of Atlanta Maynard Jackson, six Georgia governors, prominent business owners, Confederate soldiers and former slaves who founded Atlanta’s Morris Brown College, and Bishop Wesley John Gaines.