What happened to Apple Genius playlist?

Genius Playlists are no longer an option on iOS 10 and up. Apple removed the feature from iOS 10 and hasn’t restored it in subsequent versions.

Why is iTunes genius not working?

I’ll be happy to help. I recommend to temporarily turn off Genius by having the iTunes app open, then navigate to the menu bar, select File > Library > Turn off Genius. Then you can turn it back on and see if you can update Genius it by going to the menu bar, selecting File > Library > Update Genius.

How do I turn on Genius playlist?

Genius Playlists appear in the sidebar on the left, below Music Playlists. A Genius Playlist has the Genius icon next to it. In the iTunes app on your PC, choose Music from the pop-up menu at the top left. Select a song, then choose File > New > Genius Playlist.

Do Genius Playlists still exist?

After the Genius playlist has been created, the playlist button will remain, so you can continue to click it and create a new playlist off the current song, should you wish to do so.

What does a genius at Apple make?

The typical Apple Mac Genius salary is $25 per hour. Mac Genius salaries at Apple can range from $15 – $51 per hour.

Can you use Genius on iPhone?

After you have synced one or more Genius Mixes with the iPhone from iTunes, you can access them at any time in the Music app. If you don’t see the Genius option when you launch the app, tap the “More” button and then tap “Genius.” If you don’t see the mix you want, swipe the screen to the left or right.

What are genius results?

A Genius Result configuration includes a trigger condition and logic for creating answers. If it finds any, its answer logic populates one or more Genius Result cards with information and actions derived from these results.

How do I get Genius recommendations on iTunes?

Mouse over any song name and click the small circle that appears to its right (it has three dots inside it). From the menu that appears, click Genius Suggestions. iTunes scours your library for other songs that will work well with it and shows them in the menu.

How do I save a Genius playlist?

Right-click the song. Go to Genius Suggestions. Select Save as Playlist. Choose the drop-down arrow under the playlist name to expand the number of songs in the list from 25 to 50, 75, or 100.

How do I turn on Genius on my iPhone?

To enable Genius for Apps on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch:

  1. Launch App Store.
  2. Tap the Genius tab.
  3. Tap Turn on Genius’ Apple prompts you to enter your Apple ID password. After you will be asked to agree to Apple terms and privacy conditions.
  4. Now you turned on Genius, the Genius tap shows you app recommendations.

How do I get my top 25 most played playlist back?

Answer: A: The only way to retrieve the Top 25 Most Played list on your iPhone is with a iTunes or iCloud backup you have before you deleted your list. If you haven’t made a backup before then, I’m sorry, it’s the only way.

How do you become a genius at Apple?

Key Qualifications

  1. Strong people skills and a knack for problem solving.
  2. Ability to maintain composure and customer focus while troubleshooting and solving technical issues.
  3. Ability to adhere to a schedule of customer appointments.

What to do if genius is not working on iTunes?

You can then simply restart iTunes and turn Genius back on as you normally would and it will rebuild the Genius database from scratch. Note that the Turn Off Genius option will not appear if you’ve enabled iTunes Match, since these features are dependent upon each other.

Who is a genius according to Merriam Webster?

Noun Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were great scientific geniuses. You don’t have to be a genius to see that this plan will never work. He was a genius at handling the press.

How can you use genius in a sentence?

Examples of genius in a Sentence. Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were great scientific geniuses. You don’t have to be a genius to see that this plan will never work. He was a genius at handling the press.

What’s the difference between a B and Genii?

b plural usually genii : a person who influences another for good or bad He has been accused of being his brother’s evil genius. a : a single strongly marked capacity or aptitude … had a genius for getting along with boys … — Mary Ross