What happened to Frankie Cocozza X Factor?

What is Frankie Cocozza doing now? Frankie, now 28, has totally cleaned up his act, and has moved down under to live in Sydney and still performs with his band Monday Moon. But more than that, he has left his lothario ways in the past, and is now loved up with his wife Bianca.

Why did Frankie get kicked off X Factor?

Frankie Cocozza leaves the X Factor house after being kicked off show for ‘boasting about taking cocaine’ Frankie Cocozza has been pictured leaving the X Factor house yesterday evening after being axed from the show following claims he ‘boasted about cocaine-fuelled sex sessions’.

What age is Frankie Cocozza?

28 years (January 17, 1993)
Frankie Cocozza/Age

Who was on X Factor with Little Mix?


Act Age(s) Result
Little Mix 18–20 Winner
Marcus Collins 23 Runner-up
Amelia Lily 17 3rd place
Misha B 19 4th place

What is Frankie Cocozza famous for?

X Factor hell raiser Frankie Cocozza was just 18 years old when he shot to fame on the ITV singing show. The former bad boy, 26, found fame in the 2011 series of the X Factor, but was given the boot after production staff overheard him bragging about taking cocaine.

Is Frankie Cocozza married?

Bianca Murphym. 2018
Frankie Cocozza/Spouse

Is Frankie Cocozza in a relationship?

Former X Factor star Frankie Cocozza has got married – and it’s sure to be a slap in the face for his ex Charlotte Dawson. But, despite things fizzling out shortly after the third season of the programme aired, the reality bad boy has this weekend married his most recent girlfriend Bianca Murphy.

Why is Frankie Cocozza famous?

Who left Little Mix and why?

For the first time since leaving Little Mix, Jesy Nelson has revealed why she needed to move on from the world-famous pop band. Jesy Nelson decided to quit Little Mix after hitting “breaking point” while filming the video for their number one hit, Sweet Melody.

Will Little Mix split up?

While Little Mix fans are speculating that Leigh-Anne’s pregnancy could mean the band are set to split up, the girls have a world tour scheduled for 2022, so it’s unlikely they’re are planning to go their separate ways anytime soon.

What is Frankie Cocozza baby called?

The former X Factor star, 26, has announced that his son, born on Saturday, will be called ‘Frankie’, just like his dad, the next day. But specifically, the newborn will be ‘Frankie the fourth’ because the Celebs Go Dating star’s own father is called Frankie, presumably after his own father.

Are any Celebs Go Dating couples still together?

Karim Zeroual and Whitney – SPLIT Despite their ups and downs throughout the series, both Whitney and Karim decided to stay together as they committed to a relationship outside the mansion. However the pair’s relationship couldn’t last the distance after the show and they’re no longer together.