What happened to Heavy D from Storage Hunters?

Sad news for Storage Hunters and Celebrity Big Brother fans as Heavy D aka Colin Newell has passed away. News of the reality TV star’s death first started to make rounds on social media. His agent later confirmed the death rumors on social media were true.

Is Heavy D for real?

HEAVY D was well known on the reality TV circuit, after appearing on some high profile shows. However, the television star has sadly died aged just 47. Heavy D was a reality star who has died aged 47Credit: Avalon. red.

Is the TV show Storage Wars scripted?

In a legal complaint filed by Hester, the star claimed that the network staged the storage units prior to episodes being filmed and that nearly everything about the show is “fake.” He also claimed that the interviews with the buyers and auctioneers are scripted and that the network paid for the show’s female cast …

What is Brandon and Lori worth?

Brandon and Lori Bernier net worth: Brandon and Lori Bernier are storage auction entrepreneurs who have a net worth of $1 million dollars.

What killed Heavy D?

Pulmonary embolism
Heavy D/Cause of death
An autopsy report, released on December 27, 2011, stated that the cause of death was a pulmonary embolism (PE). The coroner’s office found that Myers died of a PE that had broken off from a deep vein thrombosis in the leg. He also suffered from heart disease.

Who Is Heavy D on storage hunters?

Reality TV star Colin Newell – best known by the nickname Heavy D – has died at the age of 43. Heavy D first rose to prominence as one of the buyers on the UK version of Storage Wars in 2014, where he earned the nickname “The Boominator”.

What kills Heavy D?

November 8, 2011
Heavy D/Date of death

What is Heavy D real name?

Dwight Errington Myers
Heavy D/Full name
Heavy D was born Dwight Errington Myers on May 24, 1967, in Mandeville, Jamaica, and grew up largely in Mount Vernon, N.Y. His mother worked as a nurse and his father as a movie equipment repairman.

Why did Brandi and Jarrod split?

Jarrod notes in a different interview that they could still go to the same auctions even though they were not a couple. Jarrod, for example, made it clear he would outbid Brandi on units he did not even want just to prevent her from getting them. Turns out, Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz split up years ago.

How much is Brandon Worth on Storage Wars?

Brandon Sheets net worth: Brandon Sheets is an American professional buyer and reality television personality who has a net worth of $400 thousand dollars. Brandon Sheets was born in the United States, and chose to get his GED, rather than graduating from high school.

When did Heavy D appear on Storage Hunters?

Heavy D rose to fame after appearing on the U.K. version of Storage Wars called Storage Hunters. He quickly made a name for himself and became known for his catchphrase “Boom!” Heavy D would shout his catchphrase after sealing the deal with a bid on the show. He later took part on the 18th series of Celebrity Big Brother back in 2016.

Is the show Storage Hunters real or fake?

While other shows threaten your willing suspension of disbelief by showing unbelievably rare or valuable items popping up in a lot of units, Storage Hunters likes to push your credulity a little bit further with truly bizarre discoveries and a generous sprinkling of Jerry Springer-like fights. Storage Hunters: UK is cut from the same cloth.

Who are the cast of Storage Hunters UK?

Storage Hunters UK: With Sean Kelly, Simon Greenall, Linda Lambert, John Maddox. Regular people bidding for storage units.

How much money has Dave Hester made on Storage Wars?

What is surprising, however, is why A&E and Original Producers decided to make Dave Hester – arguably the most successful and business-minded individual on the series – their enemy. Over the past 3 seasons (season 4 is currently airing), Hester has spent a total of $78,210 on storage units, ultimately garnering him profits of almost $300,000.