What happened to Terkula Suswam in Benue State today?

Terkula was murdered on Tuesday at his country home in Anyiin, in the Logo Local Government Area of Benue State. “The President believes that the circumstances surrounding the violent and untimely death of Chief Terkula Suswam, and his aide, Mr Solomon, must be thoroughly investigated and the culprits brought to book.

Who is Sen Suswam?

Gabriel Torwua Suswam (born 15 November 1964) is a Nigerian politician and former governor of Benue State. He is a Senator of the 9th assembly, of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Who was the former governor of Benue State?

List of governors of Benue State

Name Title Left Office
Dominic Oneya Administrator May 1999
George Akume Governor 29 May 2007
Gabriel Suswam Governor 29 May 2015
Samuel Ortom Governor Incumbent

Who is the senator of Benue State?

The 8th Parliament (2015 – 2019)

Senator Barnabas Gemade Benue North-East
Senator George Akume Benue North-West
Representative Ochepo Adamu Apa/Aguta
Representative Iorember Wayo Kwande/Ushongo

How is Benue State?

Benue State is one of the North Central states in Nigeria with a population of about 4,253,641 in 2006 census. In 1991, some areas of Benue state (mostly Igala area), along with areas in Kwara State, were carved out to become part of the new Kogi State.

How old is ortom?

60 years (April 23, 1961)
Samuel Ioraer Ortom/Age

What happen in Zaki Biam?

The massacre was a surreptitious operation of the Nigerian army to avenge the killing of 19 soldiers, whose mutilated bodies were found on 12 October 2001, near some Tiv villages in Benue State. …

Which local government is the biggest in Benue State?

Benue State is one of the North Central states in Nigeria with a population of about 4,253,641 in 2006 census. The state derives its name from the Benue River which is the second largest river in Nigeria….Local Government Areas.

Local Government Area Headquarters
Gboko Gboko
Guma Gbajimba
Gwer East Aliade
Gwer West Naka

Who is the richest man in Gboko?

Richest Men In Benue State

  • Betty Abah (Net Worth $10 million)
  • Benson Abounu (Net Worth $8 million)
  • Moses Adasu (Net Worth $7 million)
  • Jerry Agada (Net Worth $5 million)
  • Joseph Akaagerger (Net Worth $4 million)
  • George Akume (Net Worth $3.5 million)
  • Ada Ameh (Net Worth $3 million)
  • Michael Aondoakaa (Net Worth $2 million)

How many Senators does Nigeria have in 2020?

It consists of 109 senators: the 36 states are each divided in 3 senatorial districts each electing one senator using the first-past-the-post electoral system; the Federal Capital Territory elects only one senator also using first-past-the-post.

Who is the richest person in Benue State?

What language do Benue State speak?

In Benue State, there are three main languages represented by ethnic peoples; Tiv, Idoma and Igede, Tiv being the largest of the three. While a fair amount of Idoma and Igede speakers speak Tiv as well, most Tiv speakers speak no other ethnic language, although most speak English.