What helps cervical facet joint pain?

Treatment recommendations for cervical facet joint injury include:

  1. Rest.
  2. Anti-inflammatory drugs and other pain medications.
  3. Apply ice to the cervical spine to help reduce pain and associated muscle spasms.
  4. An exercise regiment designed specifically to address the cause of the symptoms and facet joint irritation.

What activities aggravate facet joints?

Activities That Aggravate Facet Syndrome. Activities that involve twisting (like golfing) can aggravate the pain. Leaning back and over-extending can also cause sharp pain.

Is walking good for facet joint syndrome?

Lumbar (lower spine) facet joint pain can present as low back pain, buttock pain, and pain in the back of the thighs. Prolonged walking and standing can make the pain worse. Sitting usually relieves the pain as stress is taken off the facet joints.

What helps facet joint pain at home?

One way to find out AND alleviate the pain at the same time is exercise. There are two simple exercises that elongate the spine and relax the surrounding soft tissues, thus relieving pressure on the facet joints while stretching and conditioning the muscles.

Can facet joints cause pain?

Facet joint syndrome can cause chronic pain in any region of your spine—from your neck to your low back. Fortunately, diagnostic injections can pinpoint the site of your pain, and your doctor has several nonsurgical and minimally invasive therapies to help manage your pain and restore healthy range of motion.

How to treat pain in the cervical facet?

Cervical Facet Joint Pain Treatment 1 Facets are the spine’s system of joints that enable movement. 2 Osteoarthritis… 3 Possible Complications. As with any medical procedure, there are risks and potential complications.

What are the symptoms of cervical facet joint syndrome?

Facet joint pain produces different symptoms based on the spinal region affected. Cervical facet joint syndrome. Facet joint syndrome in the neck can produce neck and shoulder pain that can restrict your range of motion, making it difficult to rotate your head comfortably.

Which is the best treatment for facet joint pain?

These therapies include medial branch blocks, intraarticular (within a joint) steroid injections, and/or radiofrequency ablation (RFA). In addition to diagnosing facet joint pain, medial branch blocks and intraarticular injections may be part of your treatment plan. Your doctor will decide which type of injection is best for you.

Where are the facet joints in the spine?

Those facet joints that are connected to the first seven vertebrae of the spine are called the cervical facet joints and are located in what we think of as the neck. These facet joints help bear the weight of the head on the body. Unfortunately, these joints can cause pain in cases where there has been an injury or simply because of age.