What interface can I use with Pro Tools 10?

Mac and Windows

  • VENUE FWx Option Card.
  • 003 Family. 003. 003 Rack. 003 Rack+
  • Eleven Rack.
  • 3rd Generation Mbox Family. Mbox (3rd gen) Mbox Mini (3rd gen) Mbox Pro (3rd gen)
  • Digi 002 Family. Digi 002. Digi 002 Rack.
  • Mbox 2 Family. Mbox 2. Mbox 2 Micro. Mbox 2 Mini. Mbox 2 Pro.

Does Pro Tools 10 HD work with any interface?

Yes, you can use any 3rd party interface.

How do I connect an interface to Pro Tools 10?

How to Setup an Audio Interface in Pro Tools

  1. In order to select the proper audio interface, at the Pro Tools top menu bar click on: Setup -> Playback Engine.
  2. It is easy to see how “Built-In Output” has been set as the Playback Engine.
  3. From the Playback Engine drop-down list, select your own audio interface.

Do I need an interface for Pro Tools?

All Pro Tools|HD hardware systems require the presence of at least one Pro Tools|HD audio interface (purchased separately). Additional interfaces can be added to extend your I/O capabilities.

Can you use any audio interface with Pro Tools?

If you want to use Pro Tools then you can use any interface that supports Core Audio on Mac and ASIO on Windows. If you want to use Pro Tools HD then you will need to use an interface that has a DigiLink connection on it to connect to the Pro Tools HD or HDX cards, or via the Pro Tools HD Thunderbolt box.

Can you run Pro Tools without an interface?

You should be able to set the “interface” to Pro Tools Aggregate I/O under Playback Engine and be able to use Pro Tools 10 without an interface attached. You don’t have to choose Aggregate. Just go under “Playback Engine” and choose “Built In Output”.

What’s the best audio interface for Pro Tools right now?

Pro Tools is meant for studios and it shows in the general unfriendliness of the UI/UX. Two, you need better quality hardware. Pro Tools is pretty unforgiving as far as compatibility is concerned.

How to record a USB mic in Pro Tools?

Record a USB Microphone in Pro Tools. Create a Mono Audio track in Pro Tools and set the input to VM-VAIO 1. Set Hardware Input 1 to your USB Microphone in Voicemeeter. Activate B1 on the mic track in Voicemeeter. Then, Input Enable or Record Enable the mic track in Pro Tools.

What kind of audio interfaces do we use?

We get a lot of audio interfaces to try out with different DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic Pro and Studio One, from basic budget audio interfaces to those costing several thousand pounds aimed at the semi-pro and professional market.

Which is the best 2 out USB recording interface?

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Recording Audio Interface is another exemplary product by Focusrite that comes equipped with 2 in and 2 out USB recording interface. This is a complete audio interface to satisfy all your recording needs. + Comes equipped with a rugged metal unibody case for durability and aesthetic appeal.