What is a BSL Level 1?

Introduction to BSL Level 1 Signature Level 1 Award in British Sign Language is designed to enable learners to communicate with Deaf people in British Sign Language (BSL). A range of topics are studied that involve simple, everyday language use.

Can you do BSL Level 1 online?

Welcome to BSL online. Our videos, which are presented by a Deaf signer, cover all the topics needed for BSL level 1, from finger spelling and numbers to describing friends & family. At BSL online you can learn at any time, 24 hours a day.

How long does it take to learn BSL Level 1?

Assuming a person with no knowledge of British Sign Language started Level 1 course, we usually teach this over 20 weeks, although next summer we plan to run a condensed course with the same hours over a month. Level 2 is generally taught over 30 weeks, then Level 3 over an academic year from September to July.

How long does it take to learn BSL?

“How long does it take to learn BSL?” Each student has their own learning pace. We would say on average it takes 3-4 years to become fluent (BSL Level 6) based upon learning 3 hours a week.

Is BSL Level 2 an NVQ?

BSL Level Two Certificate or Award, This qualification is offered by iBSL, ABC and Signature exam boards. A pass at Level Two is equivalent to a GCSE 4 – 9 or A* – C, a Level 2 NVQ and the National Language Standards at Level 2.

Can you learn BSL for free?

We offer a wide range of British Sign Language courses for all abilities and they are taught through our online platform, so you’re free to learn at your own pace. BSL Courses is perfect if you…

What is the best way to learn BSL?

The quickest and easiest way to begin learning British Sign Language is by taking an online course. This option gives you the flexibility to study BSL in your own time and at your own pace.

How do I qualify for BSL?

You could qualify by registering as a trainee sign language interpreter (TSLI). To register, you’ll need: a degree or level 6 award in your first language – either English or British Sign Language (BSL) a minimum of level 4, above A level standard, in your second language – either English or BSL.

How many levels are there to BSL?

In the UK education system, there are nine different levels of qualifications which in England are regulated by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator, Ofqual.

Where can I get BSL for free?

Top 7 Best Free Online BSL Courses & Classes 2021

  • BSL: British Sign Language: The Alphabet (Skillshare)
  • BSL: British Sign Language: Numbers & General Phrases (Skillshare)
  • Breakthrough BSL (Udemy)
  • BSL: British Sign Language: Emotions & Subject Pronouns (Skillshare)
  • British Sign Language (BSL) Level 1 & 2 (John Academy)