What is a First PREMIER Bank Credit Card?

The First PREMIER credit card is a pricey unsecured card for people with poor credit who need to borrow a small amount of money for emergency expenses and have few alternatives.

Does First PREMIER credit card Give credit line increases?

Does First PREMIER increase credit limits? Yes! We consider credit limit increase eligibility upon request, after you’ve been with us for 13 months and have kept your account in good standing.

What is the credit limit for First PREMIER credit card?

Unlike a secured card, the First Premier Mastercard requires no security deposit. Yet the card allows you to get approved even with bad credit, qualify for a credit limit as high as $1,000, and to build or rebuild your credit history.

Who is First PREMIER Bank owned by?

Denny Sanford
Denny Sanford. T. Denny Sanford, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist is the owner of First PREMIER Bank, PREMIER Bankcard and a venture capital company. He remains active in all three to this day.

Can you take money off a First Premier credit card?

You can withdraw money from the First Premier Bank Credit Card as a cash advance. Once your account is open, your initial cash advance limit will be 10% of your credit limit. And, you’ll start accruing interest on cash advances immediately. So, it’s best to avoid taking cash advances.

Can I pay my first Premier credit card at Walmart?

You can make a cash payment at more than 100,000 locations, including Walmart, for same-day posting times. Call 1-888-818-7127 or visit Premier.ingolocator.com and enter your zip code to find the payment location closest to you.

Is there an annual fee for First Premier credit card?

Program fee: This is a one-time fee charged when you open the account. It ranges from $55 to $95. Annual fee: This ranges from $75 to $125 in the first year and $45 to $49 after that. First Premier cards with smaller credit limits don’t charge monthly fees in the first year, but they do so afterward.

Is First Premier a credit card?

First PREMIERĀ® Bank Credit Card *Build credit by keeping your balance low and paying all your bills on time every month.

Is Premier bank a local bank?

Premier Banks, Local Business Community Bank Offers Mobile, Deposits, Loans, Mortgages.

Can I use my credit card right after paying it off?

You’re completely allowed to use your credit card during the grace period. Any purchases you make after your closing date are part of the next billing cycle, not the current one. But if you don’t pay the full balance listed on your statement, you’ll lose the grace period.

How do I activate first Premier Bank credit card?

The first way to activate the First Premier Bank credit card is by calling the First Premier dedicated activation telephone number: 1-800-987-5521. The second way to activate First Premier Bank credit card is by registering at MyPremierCard.

Does first Premier Bank offer a bank card?

First Premier Bank is now providing its Platinum credit card via pre-approved mail offer. All you need is a confirmation number in order to complete your application online. This card is available to all the legal residents in the US who are above 18 years of age.

How to make payments to first Premier card?

Make your First Premier Credit Card payment online by visiting the First Premier website (see Resources). Click on “Enroll Now.”. Input your credit card number, expiration date and the three-digit code found on the back. Then enter your name and billing address. Create a user name and password and click “Register Card.”.

How do I Check my Premier credit card balance?

To check any of these things, you just access the My Premier credit card site, at www.mypremiercreditcard.com then enter your username and password on subsequent screens as required to log in. Then once you are on your account screen, specify (by clicking on the relevant links) that you want to check those balances.