What is a good IIC rating?

An IIC rating of 50 and above is most common in building code and HOA requirements.

How can I increase my IIC rating?

To increase the IIC rating, an upgrade to the sound mat and/or the resilient ceiling system must be made. Traditional sound control mats with entangled mesh enhance IIC performance through the mesh being attached to fabric, which is loose-laid over the subfloor and then encapsulated with a gypsum concrete topping.

How is IIC rating determined?

How do you calculate the AIC rating of a circuit breaker? Multiply the number of sets of electrical windings or other components by the voltage each offers. For example, if you are calculating the breaking capacity connected with a three-phase 520-volt transformer, multiply 3 by 520, giving 1,560 volts.

Does carpet have an IIC rating?

IIC values can range from as low as 25 for lightweight residential construction with no floor covering to over 65 for commercial construction with carpet. More typical values fall between 35 and 55.

Does tile have an IIC rating?

For example, a tile installation system incorporating 170 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat adds a ΔIIC of 16 to a typical 6” (150mm) thick concrete floor, that in itself carries an IIC rating of approximately 28, means that the rating for this floor will be 44 IIC.

Which underlay is best for soundproofing?

The best material for soundproof underlay is foam or sponge. These materials are great at blocking out sound and they also provide exceptional comfort, and we stock some fantastic options for all preferences and budgets.

Is the IIc used to measure airborne sound penetration?

The IIC is not to be used to measure airborne sound penetration or absorption in walls. The IIC numerical rating efficiency increases with improved impact isolation performance of the floor and its component sub flooring and materials. The rating scale values are generally equivalent to the airborne sound transmission loss.

What should my IIc rating be for my flooring?

Higher-end units often expect IIC ratings between 55-65. Further complicating matters is the effect that poor construction techniques may have on the field IIC performance of your flooring assembly.

How is the impact isolation class ( IIc ) measured?

The Impact Isolation Class (IIC), measured in decibels, is the classification system used to determine sound impactfrom floor to ceiling in a structure. The IIC is not to be used to measure airborne sound penetration or absorption in walls.

What is the difference between IIc and STC?

IIC: 67 (w. Drop Ceiling) STC: 62 (w. Drop Ceiling) Unless otherwise designated, the measurements reported below were made with all facilities and procedures in explicit conformity with the ASTM designations E 492 and E 989, as well as other pertinent standards.