What is a good PHRF rating?

PHRF 30 to 70: The J/120 has consistently demonstrated excellent all-around performance to its typical rating. PHRF 71 to 114: Either the Frers 41 or the J/29 masthead outboard.

How do I get a PHRF rating?

How To Join In Five Steps

  1. Join An SCYA Affiliated Yacht Club. Here’s a list of SCYA-affiliated yacht clubs.
  2. Get a Sail Number from SCYA and Put it On Your Racing Sails.
  3. Gather the Necessary Boat Measurements.
  4. Fill Out and Submit the New Member Application.
  5. Pay the Membership Fee of $90.

How much is a new Alerion 28?

In December 2019 asking prices ranged from $22,500 to $115,000. Most asking prices seem to be between roughly $40,000 and $80,000.

How is sailing handicap calculated?

Divide the “Elapsed Time” of each competitor in turn by the number of laps THEY have completed. Multiply each elapsed time by 1000 (one thousand). Divided each of these figures by the handicap to get the “corrected time”.

How do ORC ratings work?

The ORC rating system does not compare the characteristics of one boat to another; it measures how a racing crew can reach their boat’s theoretical performance potential. Thanks to the VPP, ORC can calculate the theoretical speeds that a boat should achieve on a given race course in the given conditions.

What does PRF mean in sailing?

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Where are MJM boats made?

Boston BoatWorks
MJM Yachts are built in America by Boston BoatWorks; they are lighter, stronger and longer lasting than conventional fiberglass boats.

How does a Hoyt jib boom work?

The Hoyt Jib Boom looks like it’s deck-mounted, but it actually passes through a deck-mounted upper bearing and extends down to rest on a second bearing mounted on the hull structure. Downwind, the jib boom becomes a self-tacking whisker pole and makes sailing wing-on-wing a snap.

What does PY mean in sailing?

The Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) or Portsmouth handicap scheme is a term used for a number of related systems of empirical handicapping used primarily in small sailboat racing. The handicap is applied to the time taken to sail any course, and the handicaps can be used with widely differing types of sailboats.

How does IRC rating work?

IRC is a rating rule to handicap different designs of keelboats allowing them to race together; unlike a performance handicap a rating is not altered between races according to the individual boat’s performance, but is based on the physical measurements of the boat.

What is GPH in Orc?

All of this data is presented on the rating certificate, and the General Performance Handicap [GPH] rating is expressed as a time, in seconds, that the yacht will take to complete a mile across a defined range of wind speeds and across a defined range of angles to true wind.

What is a fast PHRF rating?

PHRF (pronounced “perf”) is Performance Handicap Racing Fleet. Unlike other rating systems (IOR, IMS, etc), PHRF ratings are not assigned based on some sort of measurement, but rather on past performance of similar boats. Typically, a certain type of boat is given a stock rating based on past experience.