What is a patron client relationship?

The patron/client system can be defined as a mutual arrangement between a person that has authority, social status, wealth, or some other personal resource (patron) and another who benefits from their support or influence (client).

What is a patron system?

Patron–client systems are organized by people of power, both men and women, who build and keep the loyalty of people of more humble position. Both patrons and clients regard the link between them as a personal attachment similar to the bond of affection holding members of a family or kin group together.

How would you explain the patron client relationship Use your own words?

any continuing relationship, often contractual, in which a powerful or influential person provides rewards and services to humbler and weaker persons in return for loyalty and support, and perhaps also including the reciprocal exchange of some services.

What is an example of patronage?

Patronage is customers or the financial support from customers or guests. An example of patronage is all of the customers at a deli. An example of patronage is money received by a hotel during a convention. The trade given to a commercial establishment by its customers.

What do you call someone with a patron?

protégé [probably the best word] client.

What does Clientage mean?

noun. a body of clients; clientele. Also cli·ent·hood . the relationship of a client to a patron; dependency.

Is patron a customer?

Patron could either be the same as a customer or client or it could mean someone who supports someone (artist, author, etc) by giving them money but does not necessarily get anything in return. Customer would be anyone who buys something, whether it’s only once or repeatedly.

What is the difference between client and customer?

Definition: Simply put, a client is the one who wants professional support/service from the company. Whereas, a customer refers to a person who purchases products or services from the company. However, clients commit to a longer business relationship, which may or may not end after the first purchase.

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What is the significance of patron client relationship?

The patron protected the client and his family, gave legal advice, and helped the clients financially or in other ways. This system was, according to the historian Livy, created by Rome’s (possibly mythical) founder, Romulus.

Where does the patron-client relationship come from?

patron-client relationship The roots of the patron-client relationship have been traced by some to the dependence of plebians on patricians in the Roman Empire.

What was the role of patron clientage in medieval Europe?

The ties of patron-clientage were basic to the system of land tenure and agricultural production in feudal Europe, where they still persist in Northern Mediterranean countries. Clienteliamo is the basis of the varied contractual relationships throughout Southern Italy, for example.

What’s the relationship between a godfather and a client?

In return, their obligation is to support the political activities of the godfather, and to work for him when he requires it. Being a godfather confers prestige as well as economic and political advantages.