What is a poor quality definition?

Something that is of bad quality is of a low or unacceptable standard. If someone is bad at something, they lack skill in that doing something.

What is a word for bad quality?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for low-quality, like: second-class, inferior, low-grade, second-rate, mediocre, substandard, , common, mean, shabby and high-quality.

What is inadequate quality?

adj. 1 not adequate; insufficient. 2 not capable or competent; lacking.

What are the effects of poor quality?

The consequences of poor quality include: loss of business, liability, productivity, and costs.

What are examples of poor quality?

Quality – Costs of Poor Quality

  • Product fails – e.g. a breakdown or unexpected wear and tear.
  • Product does not perform as promised (or what the customer thought was promised!)
  • Product is delivered late.
  • Poor instructions/directions for use make using the product difficult or frustrating.
  • Unresponsive customer service.

How can you tell if clothing is low quality?

Here’s how you can tell if your clothes are made to last or not.

  1. You can see right through a piece of clothing.
  2. Your 100% cotton shirt is already pilling.
  3. Your jeans feel lightweight and are soft on the first wear.
  4. That expensive wool sweater you bought is covered in pills even after washing.

How do you say poor quality in a nice way?


  1. chapped.
  2. coarse-grained.
  3. crude.
  4. granular.
  5. gritty.
  6. harsh.
  7. homespun.
  8. impure.

What is another word for high quality?

What is another word for high-quality?

excellent fine
premium prime
good superb
superior choice
exceptional great

What do you mean by cost of quality?

Cost of quality is a method for calculating the costs companies incur ensuring that products meet quality standards, as well as the costs of producing goods that fail to meet quality standards. The goal of calculating cost of quality is to create an understanding of how quality impacts the bottom line.

What is poor quality control?

DESCRIPTION. Poor quality control throughout the project phases (execution, invoicing) creates loopholes for poor performance or overcharging of contractors, because low quality of work, breaching of standards and project delays are not likely to be detected.

How do poor quality affects productivity?

Causing Problems with Productivity Poor quality costs a company money in terms of productivity problems. If a company uses low-quality parts, systems break down, regardless of any high-quality parts also used. Low-quality parts can cause mechanical breakdowns, as well as work slowdowns or even stoppages.

What are the causes of poor quality products?


  • Lack of vision, mission, value system.
  • Failing to identify/understand customer needs/requirements.
  • Short term planning.
  • Inadequate/poor planning.
  • Flawed incentives and indicators.
  • Favoritism.
  • Lack of supervision/monitoring.
  • Attitude towards change.

What are the reasons for poor performance at work?

What are the reasons for poor performance at work? BOREDOM: If your work is the boring type, without any form of stimulants, playing at work becomes next available task to be completed. HATRED FOR THE BOSS: Open and honest communication is the cornerstone of a good work relationship, where communication flow is flawed or hampered work relations goes sour, which is Outdated Skills.

What are poor working practices?

Poor practice takes place whenever staff fail to provide a good standard of care and support. It occurs when staff ignore the rights of service users or deny them the chance to enjoy an ordinary life. Poor practice which is allowed to continue can cause harm and can become abuse.

What is good quality of work?

An excellent work environment is marked by such attributes as competitive wages, trust between the employees and management, fairness for everyone, and a sensible work load with challenging yet achievable goals. All this comes together to provide the best possible working conditions.

What is poor work performance?

Poor job performance can be the result of inadequate preparation or skills, an unpleasant working environment, bad supervision, or lack of motivation. Determining the causes in a specific case can be important for addressing it. In the event termination is required,…