What is a Selmer saxophone?

Selmer Paris Reference 54 Alto Saxophone is inspired by the Mark VI model released in 1954. It integrates the Mark VI’s legendary acoustic characteristics with innovative modern keywork.

Why is the Selmer Mark VI the best?

Although the Selmer designs had been improving, from the release of the revolutionary Balanced Action model in 1936 through to the Super Action horn, the Selmer Mark VI brought the best combination yet of key work, tone, and intonation.

Where is Selmer saxophone made?

The Seles Axos saxophone is made in the Henri Selmer Paris factory located in Mantes-la-Ville, France, in the same factory as all other models since 1922. Like all top-of-the-range Henri Selmer Paris instruments, this model continues the tradition of craftsmanship manufacturing integrating new industrial techniques.

Are vintage saxophones good?

Of course, the great old saxophones are still great, as long as they are properly maintained, they just really aren’t better in general than modern horns, and definitely not as easy to play. Anyway, it wouldn’t make sense for any reputable maker to make an inferior instrument at any price.

Who owns Conn-Selmer?

Steinway Musical Instruments
Conn-Selmer/Parent organizations

What type of saxophone is best for jazz?

tenor saxophone
The tenor saxophone is the one most closely associated with jazz players, as it is a mainstay in that genre. It is tuned to Bb and has the familiar, curved body style. Since it is not as large or heavy as the baritone or bass sax, the tenor is somewhat easier for young beginners to play.

When did the Selmer Mark VI saxophone End production?

Although, as the chart below illustrates, the Mark VI was produced until (roughly) serial #378000, this applies only to the Sopranino model. The Soprano, Baritone and Bass Mark VI saxophones were produced until serial #365000 in 1984, and Alto and Tenor Mark VI production ended (approximately) in 1975 at serial #239,595 .

What kind of saxophone is a Selmer aristocrat?

Aristocrat – series IV “Selmer” BUFFET Buffet-Crampon Model Evette-Schaeffer Model Evette Model Apogee Model Buffet-Powell Model “SA” Models Dynaction Models Super Dynaction Models

When did Selmer buy the Adolphe Sax Company?

In 1929, with newfound international fame as saxophone makers, Selmer bought the Adolphe Sax & Co company, giving it sole rights to that instrument-making legacy. During this period, it had launched the Selmer Super Sax range, which was distributed across various models. Perhaps the most famous was the the Cigar Cutter.

What kind of saxophone is the Selmer Super Action 80?

S Series Models Prestige Models 400 series C.G. CONN Wonder Improved – Elkhart IND & Worcester MASS Wonder Improved – Elkhart IND & New York Wonder Improved & Wonder Perfected – Elkhart IND New Invention