What is a Tempfile in Stata?

In Stata, any temporary files created within an ado-file or do-file are erased as soon as that ado-file or do-file exits, even if it exits with an error. If the application crashes, or if you just reach up and shut off your computer, the temporary files will not be erased.

Where does Stata save Tempfiles?

By default, Stata will save temporary files in the directory pointed to by the TEMP (Windows) or TMPDIR (Linux/Unix) environment variable. You also have the option of setting up the environment variable, STATATMP, to point to a location other than the predefined variables listed above.

How do I open a Stata file?

Select File > Open… or click on the Open button and navigate to the file. Select File > Recent Datasets > filename. Type use filename in the Command window. Stata will look for filename in the current working directory.

How do I save a .DTA file in Stata?

select File > Save; 2. click on the Save button; or 3. type save, replace in the Command window. Once you overwrite a dataset, there is no way to recover your original dataset.

Do files in Stata?

A do-file is a standard text file that is executed by Stata when you type do filename. You can use any text editor or the built-in Do-file Editor to create do-files; see [GSW] 13 Using the Do-file Editor—automating Stata.

What does clear mean in Stata?

erase the previous dataset
“clear” tells Stata to erase the previous dataset.

What does bys mean in Stata?

Abstract. the bys command is very similar to by varlist: command but automatically sorts on the variables in varlist. If a second varlist, varlist2, is specified between parentheses, bys will sort the data on varlist2 within varlist.

What does Egen mean in Stata?

The Stata command egen, which stands for extended generation, is used to create variables that require some additional function in order to be generated. Examples of these function include taking the mean, discretizing a continuous variable, and counting how many from a set of variables have missing values.

Where do I find St Stata temporary files?

The easy way to find out is to type: . tempfile findout . display “`findout'” The last line will produce output such as . display “`findout'” C:\\Windows\\TEMP\\ST_07000001.tmp The last part is an example of a temporary file name.

How does Stata allow you to enter data?

Stata allows data to be entered directly through the keyboard with the input command, even when another dataset is already in memory. This can be useful to add data that may not be used in the ensuing statistical analysis, such as graphing data. To use input: variable names follow input the keyword end terminates data entry

When to use a temporary variable in Stata?

4 A temporary variable is a variable that is only defined for the current session of Stata. You can use the tempvar in operations and expressions, but it will not appear when the dataset is saved.

How to clear any dataset from memory in Stata?

We can clear any dataset from memory with the clear command: As a convenience, Stata usually allows the data to be cleared in commands that load in data through a clear option (e.g. import excel filename, clear) Note: Throughout the seminar, we load datasets over the internet.