What is AARRR framework?

The AARRR framework refers to a set of user behaviors that businesses can track within the customer lifecycle to improve product marketing and streamline product management. AARRR is an acronym representing five key categories of metrics, developed to help start-ups grow their business in a fast, but sustainable, way.

What are pirate metrics AARRR?

Pirate Metrics, or “AARRR” helps startups think through the five most important metrics of their business: acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue. Each one of these five metrics is critical for startups, and for businesses in general.

What is Rarra?

RARRA is Thomas Petit and Gabor Papp’s reworking of the core pieces of AARRR to prioritize what’s most important, rather than what comes first. Retention: Give your customers incredible value so they will use your app over and over. Acquisition: Take everyone who’s on your app and use them to acquire even more users.

What is your North Star metric?

A North Star metric is the one measurement that’s most predictive of a company’s long-term success. To qualify as a “North Star,” a metric must do three things: lead to revenue, reflect customer value, and measure progress.

What is activation metric?

The most basic and essential activation metric is “activation rate”—the rate at which your acquired customers become active customers by initiating an activation event. Once you know how long your customers take to activate, you can start optimizing your marketing to bring this time down.

Why is it called pirate metrics?

Pirate Metrics are so-called because the acronym of the five types of measurement spells out AARRR – everyone’s favourite pirate noise. These metrics comprise of: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue. Revenue: All of the above should lead to customers spending money with you, giving you revenue.

How do you use a pirate funnel?

The Pirate Funnel will show you the bottleneck if you fill in the numbers. Let’s start!…Get started on Growth Hacking with the Pirate Funnel

  1. Define the steps.
  2. Fill in the AAARRR-steps.
  3. Find your bottleneck.
  4. Dive deeper from problem to cause.
  5. Pick your focus and OMTM.

Why is Aarrr called pirate metrics?

McClure saw that many startup companies were easily distracted by superficial metrics, such as likes on social media. Note: Because of its funny pronunciation (say it out loud), McClure also calls AARRR his “Pirate Metrics” framework.

Why is the North Star metric?

The North Star Metric (NSM) is a metric that a company uses as a focus for their growth. This number best reflects the amount of value that your company brings to your customers. In addition, the North Star Metric gives direction to your company’s long-term growth versus short-term growth.

Is NPS a good North Star metric?

One existing metric that is often used as a North Star Metric by businesses is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). On the flip side, even though NPS may not be a good indicator of how a website is doing, it should not be ignored entirely. We suggested using it not as a NSM but as a basic company health check.

What is the difference between activation and acquisition?

Acquisition—the number of users who interact with your product. Activation—the % of users who achieve success. Retention—the % of users who stick with your product, month after month. Referral—the % of current users who refer new users.

What is an activation rate?

Activation Rate helps companies determine how quickly and effectively their new users are achieving perceived value. It measures the number of new users that have performed a predetermined “key action” within a set period of time, where the key action is assumed or known to deliver initial customer value.