What is an example of a distinction without a difference?

Examples. “I did not lie; I merely stretched the truth a little bit.”

What is the difference between distinction and difference?

The verb form of “distinction” is to “distinguish” (verb) or make “distinctions” (noun), meaning to perceive particular differences in something….Difference vs. Distinction.

Difference Distinction
The way that people or things differ. A particular characteristic that makes a person or thing stand out from others.

What does the phrase without distinction of any kind mean?

DEFINITIONS1. used for saying that something affects or includes everyone. The aim is to guarantee the rights of all citizens without distinction of nationality, sex, education, or status.

What is an example of a distinction?

An example of a time when you make a distinction is when you separate good art from bad art. An example of distinction is when you are given an award for being an expert in your field. A mark or sign of special recognition or honor. The act of making or keeping distinct; differentiation between or among things.

What is another way to say without distinction?

What is another word for without distinction?

equal fair
impartial just
unbiased unprejudiced
egalitarian equitable
even-handed objective

What is a logical distinction?

The merely logical or virtual distinction, such as the difference between concavity and convexity, involves the mental apprehension of two definitions, but which cannot be realized outside the mind, as any concave line would be a convex line considered from another perspective. …

Who said a distinction without a difference?

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “a distinction without a difference.” Debaters often fall back on employing this logical fallacy when confronted with an argument they wish to evade.

What is the synonym of distinction?

1’the distinction between academic and vocational qualifications’ difference, contrast, dissimilarity, dissimilitude, divergence, variance, variation. division, separation, differentiation, contradistinction, discrimination, segregation, dividing line, gulf, gap, chasm.

What does with without mean?

1 : on the outside : externally. 2 : with something lacking or absent has learned to do without. without. conjunction.

What is distinction in language?

plural distinctions. Learner’s definition of DISTINCTION. 1. [count] : a difference that you can see, hear, smell, feel, etc. : a noticeable difference between things or people.

What is the real distinction?

Distinction, the fundamental philosophical abstraction, involves the recognition of difference. A real distinction is thus different than a merely conceptual one, in that in a real distinction, one of the terms can be realized in reality without the other being realized.