What is an example of threatening?

The definition of a threat is a statement of an intent to harm or punish, or a something that presents an imminent danger or harm. If you tell someone “I am going to kill you,” this is an example of a threat. A person who has the potential to blow up a building is an example of a threat.

How do you use threatened in a sentence?

Threatened sentence example

  1. Sadness threatened to overwhelm him.
  2. She threatened to scratch my eyes out if I touched her.
  3. She was his only relief, and the visions threatened to consume her.
  4. Has he threatened you?

How do you threaten someone?

  1. fix. verb.
  2. I’ll knock your heads together. phrasal verb.
  3. I’ll knock your/his etc block off. phrase.
  4. it’s someone’s way or the highway. phrase.
  5. knock someone’s head/block off. phrasal verb.
  6. shape up or ship out. phrasal verb.
  7. she’ll/they’ll/you’ll etc hear from me. phrasal verb.
  8. you’ll be laughing on the other side of your face.

What are some threatening quotes?

Threatening Quotes

  • “You think I’m playing at some game?
  • “But my patience isn’t limitless…
  • “If he speaks again without me knowing who he is, I will throw him out of the window.
  • “Those who are made can be unmade.”
  • “Facts are threatening to those invested in fraud.”
  • “I tore open one side and reached in.

Can I verbally threatening someone’s life?

We all have a right to personal safety. It’s illegal to kill or inflict personal body harm on someone else. The threat is verbal, in writing or sent via an electronic medium, and. …

Can you go to jail for threatening someone?

Anyone convicted of making a criminal threat faces a substantial time in jail or prison. A misdemeanor conviction can result in up to a year in county jail, while felony convictions can impose sentences of five years or more.

Will threat examples?

Offers: “I’ll look after the children for you if you like.” Requests: “Will you tell Tony I called?” Threats: “If you cheat again, I’ll tell the teacher.”

What type of word is threatened?

The adjective threatened means in danger, as in I felt threatened or We need to protect threatened species.

What are threatening words?


  • aggressive.
  • alarming.
  • cautionary.
  • dangerous.
  • dire.
  • sinister.
  • ugly.
  • lowering.

What constitutes a verbal threat?

Verbal threats are a type of crime in which one person threatens another individual with immediate physical harm. In California, this offense is referred to as a criminal threat and is committed when a person uses verbal, electronic, or written communication to state their intention to cause great bodily injury or death to another.

What is the verb of threat?

The verb threaten is O.E. þreatnian; threatening in the sense of “portending no good” is recorded from 1530. 2. From Middle English threten, from Old English þrēatian (“to press, oppress, repress, correct, threaten”). Akin to Middle Dutch drōten (“to threaten”).

What is an antonym for threat?

Antonyms for threatened include guarded, protected, safe, invulnerable, unsusceptible, insusceptible, unexposed, secure, immune and impervious. Find more opposite

What is uttering a threat?

WHAT IS UTTERING A THREAT? Uttering a threat requires that the person knowingly uttered or conveyed a threat, or caused a person to receive a threat. A threat can be any words, written messages, or actions that threaten bodily harm, death, or damage to real or personal property or any injury or death to any animal belonging to that individual.