What is another term for conservation?

1’the conservation of tropical forests’ preservation, protection, safeguarding, safe keeping, keeping, guarding, saving, looking after. care, charge, custody, guardianship, husbandry, supervision. upkeep, keeping up, keeping going, keeping alive, maintenance, repair, restoration.

What is the synonym of conserved?

In this page you can discover 35 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for conserve, like: save, preserve, keep, use, protect, keep up, economise, waste, biodiversity, spend and can.

What is the antonym for conservation?

What is the opposite of conservation?

abolition danger
destruction endangerment
harm hurt
injury neglect

What’s a conserved person?

Under U.S. law, conservatorship is the appointment of a guardian or a protector by a judge to manage the financial affairs and/or daily life of another person due to old age or physical or mental limitations. A person under conservatorship is a “conservatee”, a term that can refer to an adult.

Why is it important to know about wildlife conservation?

Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting plant and animal species and their habitats. As part of the world’s ecosystems, wildlife provides balance and stability to nature’s processes. The goal of wildlife conservation is to ensure the survival of these species, and to educate people on living sustainably with other species.

What does it mean to be a conservationist?

Conservation means to prevent waste of a resource. Wildlife conservation can be defined as the practice of protecting animal species and their habitats. Which includes protecting both the animals and their habitat.

What is the meaning of the word conservation?

Conservation is the act of protecting Earth’s natural resources for current and future generations.

How is conservation similar to the preservation of the environment?

It includes maintaining diversity of species, genes, and ecosystems, as well as functions of the environment, such as nutrient cycling. Conservation is similar to preservation, but while both relate to the protection of nature, they strive to accomplish this task in different ways.