What is another way to say until further notice?

What is another word for until further notice?

pending further assessments pending further information
pending further instructions pending further notice
until further instruction until such time as
during this period throughout this period

What’s a word for when you notice something?

Notice, discern, perceive imply becoming aware of, and paying attention to, something.

What is the synonym for notice?

noun. observation, cognizance, consideration, heed, interest, note, regard. attention, civility, respect. announcement, advice, communication, instruction, intimation, news, notification, order, warning.

What is the synonym of the band?

group, gang, mob, pack, troop, troupe, company, party, bevy, crew, body, working party, posse. team, side, selection, line-up, array. gathering, crowd, horde, throng, assembly, assemblage.

Will be postponed until further notice meaning?

phrase. If a situation is said to exist until further notice, it will continue for an uncertain length of time until someone changes it.

How do you use further notice?

until further notice in a sentence

  1. We will continue the relationships with our existing agencies until further notice,
  2. He noted that many companies have banned air travel until further notice.
  3. Domestic flights and ferries to outlying islands were canceled until further notice.

What is a synonym of Nodus?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for nodus, like: , llawer, xe2-r, a-ch, , dangos, , arbenigol, , byddwn and pwysig.

What is the synonym of observed?

Some common synonyms of observe are celebrate, commemorate, and keep. While all these words mean “to notice or honor a day, occasion, or deed,” observe suggests marking the occasion by ceremonious performance. not all holidays are observed nationally.

What is another word for band together?

What is another word for band together?

amalgamate associate
concert link
conspire join together
pull together act together
concur merge