What is aureate diction?

A highly ornate (‘gilded’) poetic diction favoured by the Scottish Chaucerians and some English poets in the 15th century, notably John Lydgate. The aureate style, perfected by William Dunbar, is notable for its frequent use of internal rhyme and of coinages adapted from Latin. Noun: aureation.

How do you use aureate in a sentence?

A gentler, less aureate Archangel, though still cloud-borne, points at the Holy Ghost descending as a dove. There was aureate light coming from above, lighting the sea up in a diffuse golden haze, throwing golden flecks into his eyes.

What is an example of poetic diction?

For example, the sentence: “I ate an apple.” Poetic diction. Poetic diction is driven by lyrical words that relate to a specific theme reflected in a poem, and create a euphonious, or harmonious, sound. Poetic diction usually involves the use of descriptive language, sometimes set to a beat or rhyme.

Is aureate a word?

golden or gilded. brilliant; splendid. characterized by an ornate style of writing or speaking.

What Colour is Aureate?

1 : of a golden color or brilliance aureate light.

What is ferriferous?

: containing or yielding iron.

What are aureate words?

Aureate, a writing style that is affected, pompous, and heavily ornamental, that uses rhetorical flourishes excessively, and that often employs interlarded foreign words and phrases. The style is usually associated with the 15th-century French, English, and Scottish writers.

What is the meaning of Aurum?

Aurum, the Latin word for gold and the source of its chemical symbol, “Au”

What is diction and give examples?

Diction is word choice, or the style of speaking that a writer, speaker, or character uses. The diction that you use when you speak or write should be matched to purpose or audience. In formal writing-essays, speeches-diction should be formal. Examples of Diction: Hey, what’s up, man?

What are diction examples?


Formal Diction Casual Diction Slang (very informal)
are not angry aren’t mad ain’t ticked

What is a synonym for Aureate?


  • brilliant.
  • golden.
  • ornate.
  • overblown.
  • splendid.
  • yellow.

Does aureate evolve in Prodigy?

While Aureate is a moonlike pet, its previous evolution, Celesteate, is a sunlike pet. It was replaced by Aquamarina in the 2019 Starter Pet Update. This pet is found on floor 20, 62 and 95 of the Dark Tower. Members may obtain Aureate by evolving Celesteate.