What is Bresha Webb real name?

Breshae Renee Webb
Bresha Webb (born Breshae Renee Webb; May 6, 1984) is an American actress. She starred as Imunique Jefferson in the TV One comedy series Love That Girl! from 2010 to 2014.

Where is Bresha Webb from?

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Bresha Webb/Place of birth

What is Bresha Webb doing now?

She has an animated show premiering on FOX with Lisa Kudrow called House Trained. Webb is also returning to Netflix in the Kenya Barris project Black Excellence, as well as more appearances on TNT’s The Last O.G.

Who is Bresha Webb mother?

Sharon Webb
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Was Bresha Webb on GREY’s anatomy?

Bresha Webb played Teresa Morris in season ten of Grey’s Anatomy. She also played Melanie White in the season five Private Practice episode Are You My Mother?.

Who plays Candace on insecure?

Gabrielle Dennis
Gabrielle Dennis is an American actress and comedian, known mostly for her work in cable television series (The Game, Blue Mountain State, The Underground). Dennis starred in the Fox medical drama Rosewood alongside Morris Chestnut….Television.

Year 2017–2018
Title Insecure
Role Candice Peña
Notes 4 episodes

What high school did Bresha Webb go to?

California Institute of the Arts2007
Baltimore School For the Arts2002
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How old is Bresha Webb?

37 years (May 6, 1984)
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Who is Bresha Webb engaged to?

writer Nick Jones Jr
Over the 4th of July weekend, comedian and Run The World star Bresha Webb got engaged to TV writer Nick Jones Jr (Netflix’s Yasuke). Jones Jr. popped the question at Wally’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills while Bresha’s family and friends looked on.

Who is Bresha Webb parents?

Sharon Webb
Garfield Webb
Bresha Webb/Parents

Is DRO lying about open marriage?

It was toxic to begin with — Dro definitely lied about being in an open marriage — but things between the pair grew sour as they pushed the boundaries of their connection. Ultimately, Molly cut things off, leaving her single and ready to mingle.

Is Insecure season 5 out?

Issa Rae Prepares for an Emotional Goodbye in New Trailer for the Final Season of ‘Insecure’ Calling all Insecure fans! The final season of #InsecureHBO premieres October 24th on @hbomax.”

How old was Bresha Webb when she was born?

Bresha Webb was born on May 6, 1984 in Baltimore, Maryland. As a young girl, Webb consistently felt like she needed to be an actor. From eight to eighteen years of age, she went to the lofty Baltimore School for the Arts, where she was drenched in theater, dance, music, and a difficult educational plan.

Who was Bresha Webb in meet the blacks?

Year Title Role 2016 Meet the Blacks Allie Black 2016 A Boy. A Girl. A Dream. Bresha Webb 2018 Acrimony Young Brenda 2018 Night School Denise

Who was Bresha Webb’s Sister in night school?

The following year, Webb played the younger version of Ptosha Storey’s character, ‘Brenda,’ in Tyler Perry’s 2018 psychological thriller film ‘Acrimony.’ Webb co-starred with Kevin Hart (who appeared as ‘Teddy’), playing his onscreen sister, ‘Denise Walker,’ in the 2018 comedy film Night School.’

Where did Jane Webb go to high school?

Webb was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to Garfield and Adil Navid. In 2002, she graduated high school from Baltimore School for the Arts. She says that her parents have been a strong support system for her and that actors such as Angela Bassett and Will Smith were positive influences for her to pursue acting and comedy. She is a devout Christian.