What is Champion Latin?

Champion comes from the Latin word campionem for “gladiator, fighter.” Rarr! No need to grab your sword, but a champion is also a person who fights for a cause. If you are the champion of fundraising, you keep pushing to raise money. As a verb, to champion means to protect or fight for something.

How do you say champions in French?

champion → championner. champion → champion, championne. champion → défendre, préconiser, professer.

What is Campione mean?

noun. ace [noun] a person who is expert at anything. champion [noun] in games, competitions etc, a competitor who has defeated all others.

What makes you a champion?

A champion has the courage to risk failure, knowing that setbacks are lessons to learn from. A champion uses an event to gain greater self-knowledge as well as feedback on physical improvement. A champion trains their thought processes as well as their body to produce a total approach to performance.

What does champion bloodline mean?

So, the term champion bloodline has less to do with your dog than you might initially think! It simply means that you have a purebred dog with an ancestor that was awarded a championship title. This could be for their conformation, or their skill in various trials.

What is champagne called in French?

Cremant – France is known for its ‘champagne’ in which the fermentation occurs inside each bottle. Additionally, wines of the same traditional ‘methode champenoise’ are produced in other regions of the country and are called ‘cremant’. They too sometimes use the charmat method.

Is Champion feminine in French?


number feminine masculine
plural championnes champions
singular championne champion

How many episodes does Campione have?


カンピオーネ! (Kanpiōne!)
Licensed by AUS Hanabee Sentai Filmworks MVM Films
Original network AT-X, Tokyo MX, Sun TV, TV Aichi, BS11, Anime Network
Original run July 6, 2012 – September 28, 2012
Episodes 13

Is a car masculine or feminine in Italian?

As you can see, nouns ending in -o in the singular (generally masculine), end in -i in the plural, and nouns ending in -a in the singular (generally feminine), end in -e in the plural. Nouns ending in -e in the singular end in -i in the plural regardless of gender….

singolare plurale
automobile (f.) automobili

What is the difference between champion and winner?

As nouns the difference between champion and winner is that champion is someone who has been a winner in a contest while winner is one who has won or often wins.