What is Command-Trac Jeep?

– Command-Trac is a part-time, shift-on-the-fly system providing legendary Jeep® capability. Four-Wheel-Drive Modes. Two-wheel drive (2Hi): In this position, the front axle spins freely while power is sent to the rear axle and wheels, which then drives the vehicle.

Is Quadra-Trac 2 full-time 4wd?

The available Quadra-Drive® II with rear electronic limited slip differential is a full-time 4×4 system so it’s always active. It is our most advanced 4×4 system and delivers superior all-weather capability by transferring up to 100% of available torque to a single rear wheel if needed.

Is Command-Trac limited slip?

In the Wrangler, the Command-Trac system is based on a Dana 30 solid front axle, a choice of automatic or manual transmission, an NV231 (formerly NP231) transfer case, and a Dana 35 rear axle (with a Dana 44 optional over the years). Also optional for the rear axle is a Trac-Loc, which is a limited slip differential.

Which is better Quadra-Trac 1 or 2?

The biggest difference between these two 4×4 systems is that Quadra-Trac II utilizes a Brake Traction Control System (BTCS) to minimize sliding on tough terrain, while the Quadra-Drive uses a more traditional electronically controlled differential. Both offer strong traction on off-road trails near Stamford.

How do I know if I have Quadra-Drive II?

Red G8R said: Every time the vehicle is started, mine shows a Jeep icon and Quadra-Drive II in the EVIC. Whenever you start your vehicle, it’ll say Quadra-Drive II in the EVIC.

How do I know if I have Quadra Drive II?

What helps jeep drivers avoid obstacles?


  • TRACTION. Jeep® Brand Trail Rated® 4×4 vehicles have the traction to handle some of the harshest, most unpredictable driving conditions.
  • MANEUVERABILITY. Swiftly dodge obstacles on the trail, veer around narrow gaps or safely navigate around an accident.

How does a Trac-Lok work?

The Spicer Trac-Lok provides improved traction capability without requiring switches, wires, sensors, air hoses or manual input from the driver. During a slip event, it automatically sends approximately three times more torque to the high-traction wheel-end.

What is the key customer benefit of Quadra-Trac I?

Quadra-Trac I is an optional full-time 4×4 system. This setup provides power to the front and rear axles at all times, so you’ll never have to worry about switching settings or pushing buttons. Quadra-Trac II adds a 4×4 Low-range specifically designed for off-roading.

What is the difference between Quadra-Trac 1 and 2?

Which Jeep is the most awarded SUV ever?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee
The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the most awarded SUV ever, ranging from world car of the year to best interior sound level. It is often voted the best SUV to buy due to its beautiful design and unmatchable performance.

How does Command Trac work in a jeep?

In the 4 part-time position, this differential is locked and the system operates the same as Command-Trac™. In the 4 full-time position, the centre differential is open and allows the front and rear axles to rotate at different speeds when turning corners on high-traction surfaces or while driving over any kind of road surface.

When to use Selec Trac on commandtrac?

I like to use Selec-Trac when raining and on county maintained dirt roads. so should i ask my wife not to use the 4hi on the commandtrac unless it’s snowy or really raining cats and dogs, or would it be ok to use unless she gets some binding? The Command-Trac™ transfer case is the heart of the Command-Trac™ part-time 4WD system.

How does the Command Trac transfer case work?

The Command-Trac™ transfer case is the heart of the Command-Trac™ part-time 4WD system. When engaged, both front and rear driveshafts are locked by a chain and gearset, which always turn at the same speed, forming a single drive unit. This is a rigid connection that does not allow for any differential action between front and rear driveshafts.

What’s the difference between full time Trac and select Trac?

Even though they say full time gives you a 52 – 48 torque split front to rear, it is still an open type differential. You cannot attain the same total traction and control achieved with the part-time mode otherwise select-trac wouldn’t need the part-time position with it’s 50-50 locking split.