What is Curasept used for?

The Curasept ADS range minimises staining with its clinically proven special Anti-Discolouration System. Chlorhexidine is active against various bacteria, viruses, bacterial spores and fungi. It kills the micro-organisms associated with various mouth and throat infections and other common conditions in the mouth.

Who owns Curaden?

Ueli Breitschmid
Ueli Breitschmid is the owner and CEO of Curaden, a Swiss oral health company.

Where is Curasept made?

In 2002, Curasept S.p.A. proudly designed, developed and patented the first innovation in the oral hygiene eld since 1960s: the ADS system. This system, made in Italy, revolutionized the sector, by allowing the use of chlorhexidine without part of its famous side effects.

Do interdental brushes damage gums?

The bristles on the brush need to be soft so that they don’t damage your teeth and don’t irritate your gums.

How long can you use Curasept for?

o After 2 weeks drop the regime to once or twice a week, until symptoms subside and the infection is under control. This can continue for up to 6 months (although this is not recommended).

Can you use Curasept long term?

Curasept 205 is designed to be used over the long term. It is the ‘maintenance’ version of the mouthwash. The concentration of Chlorhexidine is the lowest of the available rinses.

Is Curasept the same as Corsodyl?

Corsodyl is an excellent product which also contains chlorhexidine at 0.06%. This concentration is similar to Curasept ADS 0.05%, the ‘maintenance’ version of Curasept which is suitable for long term use. It is also less than half the price of Curasept. However, Corsodyl does not have an anti discolouration system.

Is Curasept the same as Savacol?

An alternative product is now available which also has a 0.2% chlorhexidine but has been modified so it tastes better and is far less likely to stain your teeth. This product is called Curasept 0.2% and is available from certain pharmacies and our front desk as is Savacol.

Do you rinse with water after Curasept?

After brushing, rinse gently for 40 seconds with 10-20ml of Curasept mouthwash. After that, do not rinse your mouth with water, eat or drink for 15 minutes. After 2 weeks, you should be able to start gently brushing at the gum line in the area where you had surgery.

Can you use Curasept mouthwash everyday?

Curasept is a revolutionary 0.05% chlorhexidine di-gluconate daily mouthwash that protects gums and teeth from attack by harmful bacteria, and the build up of plaque. This daily-use formula also contains fluoride.

Where can I find curaden Swiss toothpaste online?

Message Curaden Swiss via the form, or call and say you found them on MedicalSearch so they can best assist you. Call 08 8272 61.. Thanks for your help! Sorry!

What’s the difference between curasept and chlorhexidine toothpaste?

In addition to this, Curasept toothpaste is SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) free, a detergent found in all toothpastes that has no proven clinical benefit and will counteract any chlorhexidine mouthwash used at the same time. Curasept toothpaste with 0.05% fluoride and 0.05% chlorhexidine for daily use.

How long has the curaden Dental Depot been around?

The Curaden Dental Depot has been offering services and products for dentists, oral surgeons and dental technicians for over 60 years. Its products and services reflect Curaden’s dental hygiene expertise in many areas that directly affect a dental practice or laboratory.

What does curaden do for your oral health?

Curaden is the world’s no. 1 promoter of a new approach to oral health care, based on the iTOP method. iTOP enables you to become a perfect tooth brusher, and teaches you how to transfer that knowledge to your patients. This motivational and coaching system is now used by tens of thousands of dental pros worldwide, as well as leading universities.