What is EASA type certificate?

Since 2003, EASA is responsible for the certification of aircraft in the EU and for some European non-EU Countries. This certificate testifies that the type of aircraft meets the safety requirements set by the European Union.

How do I find a certificate data type sheet?

Please go to the FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) search page. Image 1. FAA TCDS search page. Once on the FAA TCDS page, you can search for your aircraft TCDS on the left side.

How long can a b747 fly?

76 mBoeing 747-8 / Length

What aircraft related items are issued type certificates?

The Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration shall issue a type certificate for an aircraft, aircraft engine, or propeller, or for an appliance specified under paragraph (2)(A) of this subsection when the Administrator finds that the aircraft, aircraft engine, propeller, or appliance is properly designed …

What is a VFR day type certificate?

The TCDS lists operationg limitations for the aircraft as well as certain equipment that must be on board (this should also be covered in the equipment list). It is basically all the information the FAA needs to certify the aircraft and issue an airworthiness certificate.

How fast do planes go in the air?

around 460-575 mph
Most commercial aircraft typically fly at around 460-575 mph, or 740-930 km/h, according to Flight Deck Friend. But private jet speed can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the weight onboard and the weather conditions.

What are Type Certificates issued to?

A type certificate (TC) is issued to signify the airworthiness of the approved design or “type” of an aircraft to be manufactured. The TC is issued by a regulatory authority, and once issued, the design cannot be changed unless at least part of the process for certification is repeated to cover the changes.

What are the FSB requirements for a B747?

APPENDIX 9 – REQUIREMENTS FOR THE B-747-8 DIFFERENCES COURSE 65 1. PURPOSE AND APPLICABILITY 1.1 Flight Standardization Board (FSB) Report Specifications. This FSB report specifies FAA master training, checking, and currency requirements applicable to crews operating B747 series aircraft under CFR Part 121.

Is there a type rating for a B747-400?

This core curriculum is the approved course of training which leads to a type rating in the B747-400 aircraft and is also the approved course of training for those pilots that meet the Air Transport Pilot (ATP) requirements of 14 CFR Part 61 to obtain an ATP certificate.

What are the requirements for a B-747?


Do you need a nstr for a B747-400?

PAIFA’s B747-400 Aircraft Recurrent Ground Training objective is to ensure that each crewmember is adequately trained and currently proficient with respect to the B747-400 aircraft. The crewmember holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with a B747-400 Rating. NSTR: No Specific Time Required.