What is IBM FSM?

IBM® Flex System™ Manager (FSM) is a systems management appliance that drives efficiency and cost savings in the data center. IBM Flex System Manager provides a pre-integrated and virtualized management environment across servers, storage, and networking that is easily managed from a single interface.

What is Flex System Manager?

The IBM Flex System Manager™ is a system management appliance for IBM Flex System™. It provides system virtualization management through IBM® VMControl. You can also group resources into system pools to centrally manage and control the different workloads in your environment.

What is IBM Flex?

IBM® Flex System Manager management software is the software stack for managing multiple chassis that comes preinstalled on the Flex System Manager Types 7955, 8731, and 8734 management node. It provides a consistent interface that you can use to efficiently manage more than one chassis.

What is IBM PureFlex?

IBM PureFlex is a converged infrastructure data center product that provides the customer with infrastructure as a system (IaaS) capabilities and is optimized for cloud computing. PureFlex is scalable for private cloud deployments and supporting applications and cloud services.

What is IBM PureData system for analytics?

The IBM PureData System for Analytics data warehouse appliance delivers standards-based data warehouse and analytics capabilities. The appliance integrates a database management system, server, storage and advanced analytics capabilities into a single system.

What is IBM Pure Data?

PureSystems is an IBM product line of factory pre-configured components and servers also being referred to as an “Expert Integrated System”. PureSystems is marketed as a converged system, which packages multiple information technology components into a single product.

Is Netezza end of life?

Netezza will officially reach end of support in the summer of 2019. Before you transition to another IBM appliance or cloud data warehouse, consider Vertica as your Netezza alternative.

What is netezza Mako?

IBM Netezza Mako server is latest addition to the IBM PureData System for Analytics system powered by Netezza technology. Netezza Mako features includes Fast, Scalable, Smart, Simple and completely integrated data warehouse appliances.

What is Netezza Mako?

What is IBM sailfish?

Sailfish is a significant shift away from the traditional Netezza architecture, as it no longer relies on the FPGA accelerators for its speed. It is designed in a containerized fashion, allowing for transportability of work loads, whether on premise or in the cloud.

What does IBM Netezza do?

IBM Netezza (pronounced ne-teez-a) is a subsidiary of American technology company IBM that designs and markets high-performance data warehouse appliances and advanced analytics applications for uses including enterprise data warehousing, business intelligence, predictive analytics and business continuity planning.

Is Netezza dead?

The answer to the question is, “Netezza is still alive, well and evolving and IBM has now come out with the next generation of Netezza as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Data System.”